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Poll Results and New Poll: Do you invert your axis? |

Alright, so on the previous poll, I allowed folks to add in their own entries, and someone just had to put ‘All of the above” and that took the top spot :P. Gameplay was added much later, and thus, only garnered 2 votes, but I think, given enough time at the beginning, would have gotten a lot more.

Anyway, that’s the results for the last poll. The new poll I came up with myself (so no points this time, sorry folks). It’s asking whether or not you invert your axis if the game gives you an option, either the X-axis or the Y-axis.

This all spawned from an argument I had with my brother, since he doesn’t invert the aiming and I invert the Y-axis. Can’t really explain why, but it feels more natural than “Normal” aiming for me (probably due to flight simulators and Ace Combat games from back in the day). I don’t invert the X-axis, though, but I’m sure there are some out there who do. On PC gaming, I do not use inverted axis, and the only thing I can think of is that it’s because I have more motion in my hands, and thus, the cursor should move where I move my hand, and that’s not the case with a standard controller. What’s your personal preference?

  • My Y Axis has to be inverted or I fail miserably…I hate games that force you to invert both or none.

  • I’m actually the opposite: I invert the Y-axis on PC games, but I don’t do that on consoles. I think it’s because the flight sims I played as a kid were mainly on the PC (dude, X-Wing and then later TIE Fighter were *amazing* games). I just got into the habit of a different playing style when I finally started using console controllers that had thumbsticks (like my 64). I believe I had to, as the few early FPS’s I played on my 64 didn’t have an option to invert the axes, as I recall (I’m thinking of Goldeneye, but it’s been ages since I played it).

  • Glad I added the all the above to the poll

  • Me

    I think flight games instilled in my head that pushing forward means go down. Now, in 1st and 3rd person games, it’s like I think of the joystick as my neck — when I want my head to look up, I pull my neck back. Pushing forward to look up seems completely unatrual… to me 🙂

  • Jay

    @Me: I think that’s what my mindset is as well pretty much. I hate flight games on the PC without a joystick, so I only played them with one, so, given a stationary controller, for me, pulling back on a thumb/joystick to go up feels more natural than the other way around.

    @premiersoupir: lol, that’s totally exotic for me haha

    @ehandlr: lmao, same here. What makes it worse is if I have the aiming normal, I push up to aim down, but it keeps going up, so I push it even harder with no success haha. Then my brain feels like its going to explode when I try to aim in normal mode lol

  • sorry, i hadnt logged in when i posted that…i never invert axis. i have a friend who does, and if we are playing mw2 and switch over between games, its fun to see who forgets, and starts staring at the sky or ground.

  • Delive

    Y has to be inverted, X remains the same.

  • derrickgott007

    I always invert the up and down axis. It comes from years and years on flight simulators on the pc. I don’t invert on platformers, but anything 3rd person or 1st person shooters it’s always inverted!

  • On the poll, “All of the above” was above all the other choices. Just sayin’!

  • Btw, this poll begged to have multiple choices, where should have been able to choose more than one item. The sum of percentages would be more than 100%, like you could have 70% of people choosing gameplay, 60% High production values etc etc.., each selection would be presented in its own percentage, not together in one chart.

    Also no matter how an important item is forgotten, you shouldn’t add items later on. The poll should be reset if such a thing happens.. I know these are not meant to be scientific, and it can never be, but it doesn’t have to be that loose!

  • To the two people thus far who invert the x-axis: Why?

  • Eamon

    I invert, just like flying a plane. Same setup. My brother and everyone else doesn’t. Makes no sense to me. Can’t wait to see how this turns out, don’t want to be the “leftys” in gaming. Just feels natural.