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Resistance 3: Game Informer’s November Cover Story |

The upcoming November issue of Game Informer will feature a 10 page scoop on Insomniac Games’ Resistance 3.  GI will be revealing never-before-told info on Resistance 3 which includes details on the game’s new hero ( Joseph Capelli ), the brutal Chimera-ruled world, changes to gameplay, and even a glimpse at new weaponry and threats.

A month full of exclusive online Resistance 3 content will also be released on Game Informer’s website. Plus the issue will dedicate six pages to another hotly anticipated PS3 exclusive for 2011, Team Ico’s The Last Guardian.

Game Informer

  • VERY good news.
    I really enjoyed R1
    Didn’t get R2 for some reason
    I got to come back to my chimera killing habits

  • waiting for a gameplay trailer…unless i missed one?

    flashray: pick up a used copy of R2, its not too ‘spensive these days. will make for a very entertaining weekend.

  • I can’t wait till they release Resistance 3. I just really hope they bring back alot of stuff that they stupidly removed in part 2. R2 was good but it would have been great if they didn’t take out all the vehicular combat from part one and the ability to carry every weapon in the game at one time. I think when they removed the ability to carry every weapon that they removed one of the things that really made Resistance so unique. It made R2 just like every other shooter and it really hurt the Resistance experience.
    Now I thought that they were going in the right direction with Multi-Player and I hope they continue to create an even better online experience with R3. Keep up the great work Insomniac!!