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Official Gameplay Trailer for The Force Unleashed 2 and Demo Announced!! |

Update: LucasArts just released this HD version of the trailer!!

The official gameplay trailer for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 has been released exclusively through Yahoo and looks pretty good.

The official facebook page also revealed that there will be a Demo on the PSN next Tuesday, Oct. 12th, while the full game will be released on Oct. 26th.

  • Yeah, I’m pretty excited for this game and that trailer only adds to the excitement.

  • I can’t wait. But I’ll skip the demo to avoid spoilers as I only have to wait an extra week.

    It’s going to be the last game I get until Dec 25. My family has always had a personal shopping cutoff that starts Nov 1st.

  • One other thing.
    Not sure if the video I saw was upgraded from what you first posted but it looked fine to me. It wasn’t HD quality but seemed rather clear and not jittery.

  • kinder

    looks really lame

  • That trailer looks so so amazing. Looks like it might be better than the first one.

    I think Ill end up with this one on December 25th to be honest, a long wait! I’ll know that demo level very well by that time

  • Slim

    Believe it or not. This game is actually my most anticipated game of the year. I loved the first one, yeah it had its flaws but still an good overall game and this looks even better. Im more lookin forward to the story more then the gameplay and graphics, etc.. Already got it pre-ordered so i cn get the Maulkiller skin and Crystal sabers. May not be my game of the year(thanx to God of War 3) but still i think this game is gonna surprise a lot of peeps.