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New Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Trailer | Hokage Naruto |

This 6 minute trailer came from the Tokyo Game Show, it now out for the world to see. Shows action from most of the cast members of Naruto. It also shows Lars from Tekken 6 as well. Check it out! I finally played the demo last night and I’m impressed with the visuals, I’ll probably be picking this one up. I wonder how far they story mode goes?

I’m so glad you can pick Japanese voices with English subtitles. I would refuse to buy the game and listen to the god awful English voice overs.

Hokage Naruto in action after the break!

Killerbee vs Hokage Naruto

Pain vs Killerbee

Via saiyanisland

  • Minato!!!!

    This game looks amazing. Can’t wait to play it. It really sucks that there is no AA though bc its quite noticeable.

  • tony

    The story mode wiill go from the point where Naruto returns with Jiraiya from his 2.5 years training session up to the end of the Konoha Invasion (Pain Arc).

  • Cool game but their should be a “customize your own character” feature that is very detail-oriented.