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The Ultimate SingStar Dance Party! | has another PlayStation event: The Ultimate SingStar® Dance Party!

Think you’ve got the voice or the dance moves to become an international pop star? Then host The Ultimate SingStar® Dance Party and put your talents to the test.

On November 6th, invite your friends over to sing and dance to some of the hottest songs on SingStar® Dance. Using SingStar® microphones, PlayStation®Eye and a PlayStation®Move motion controller to track your movements, SingStar® Dance is as close as you can get to taking the stage without ever having to leave your living room!

PlayStation® will make sure you and your friends have an amazing time by sending you a party pack stuffed with awesome free gifts, including two PlayStation®Move motion controllers, a set of SingStar® mics, a PlayStation®Eye Camera and a full version of SingStar® Dance.

Good luck!

  • My wife is interested in this game. Anyone know how it is?

  • I haven’t played Singstar Dance yet, but I do have the regular Singstar game and the wife, our friends, and I all love playing that game, we have a karaoke night at least once a month.

    The cool thing about Singstar games, is you can swap discs in case there’s a song on another disc you want to sing. You can even swap with old PS2 discs. So if you have the PS3 version, pick up some of the PS2 iterations to get more songs to play. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to disc swap with Singstar Dance though.

  • Nice thanks for posting this. mairondil gives an accurate description of SingStar fun. this is pretty much the only game i can get my wife to play, and i love it despite the fact that i can’t sing.