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Basically Cloudflare will help make this site load a little faster and make it safer by blocking spammers, attackers, harvesters, etc. If you are ever presented with a challenge page please let me know your IP address so I can add you to the safe list.

[Update: Here is what the challenge page would look like]

If you try to replace a image with the same name it will take a while to update. Since the cache has to refresh with Cloudflare. Please let me know of any issues you run into as well.

Written by: T0SH - Cofounder of

  1. #1 by Jay on October 9th, 2010 [ 83116 Points ]

    seems to load way faster.

  2. #2 by premiersoupir on October 9th, 2010 [ 17020 Points ]

    yeah, the main page pulls up much more quickly, it seems to me. pretty cool! I see in your forum post that cloudflare has blocked 15 threats — what sorts of problems did these pose in the past? I know there were occasional spam posts — anything else?

  3. #3 by Tosh on October 9th, 2010 [ 1127 Points ]

    Those threats where on SlySpyder actually, “threats” are determined by CloudFlare. Either other users have reported that IP as threats/spammers etc. So when they show up again on the CloudFlare network they are stopped. If it is just questionable they are presented with a captcha to make sure they are human.

    I just enabled it on this morning and already 13 threats are stopped and growing since I just typed this in actually. Mostly web spammers. Issues I’ve had in the past is comment/forum spam, registration spam.

  4. #4 by Oly on October 9th, 2010 [ 132605 Points ]

    Seemed to work good for me… and def loaded faster on my phone

  5. #5 by Luke on October 9th, 2010

    I don’t like all this cloud computing talk.

  6. #6 by Tosh on October 9th, 2010 [ 1127 Points ]

    So here is what the challenge page looks like if you get blocked. If this happens to you please leave a note in the request access portion.

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