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DLC For Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Will Continue The Story |

While I haven’t had the opportunity to pick up Konami’s Castlevania: Lords of Shadow ( yet ) the ending to the game is said to be quite the cliffhanger. Fortunately gamers won’t have to wait until the next game for a conclusion. C:LoS producer David Cox has confirmed that planned DLC for the game will “definitely” pick up where the ending left off. No word on when that DLC will hit or it’s pricing. [Liquida]

  • Bobby

    Lame. So I should just wait to get the game at a discount, so I can buy the rest of it when its released and still have it come out to $60. I can see extra’s as DLC, but the rest of the game?

  • EdEN

    Good to know there’s extra content planned for the game. I got my CE on wednesday but won’t be playing it for a while since I’m currently on “Wii Mode” trying to finish as many Wii games as I can for the month due to all the new Wii games to be released from now until the end of the year (just pre-ordered the CE of Epic Mickey).

  • Moe Smith

    wah-fnkin-wah Bobby.

    Additional content being available to download doesn’t mean it was extra that was just left out to be charged for later. get over yourself.