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Halloween Month at |

You may have noticed that the top banner image looks a little different.

Think you can do better? Here is the image, have at it, please keep the PlayStation Shapes in the exact same position as they are. But feel free to make it spooky, funny, scary, etc. This is a family site, so keep that in mind. Some blood is fine if you want to go there.

Post a link to your modified header image in the comments. I’ll be changing it every day with a new photo you have created. If there isn’t a new one to replace it I’ll just rotate threw the photos daily until a new photo is created. Have fun! To see what your custom header looks like on the live site. You need to download a Firefox Extension called Firebug. Here is how to do it. If you couldn’t tell I love Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday.

If I end up using your image I’ll give you 75 points!

We will also be having a costume contest! More details later.


  1. Awesome.. here’s a quick one that might need more work lol

  2. lol, Zombie Jay. Here’s a simple one I made with bats:

  3. Bats are pretty cool jay.. might have to use those in mine too lol

  4. Great job Oly and Jay! I’ll be back on Sunday, going camping/hiking on Saturday. Then I’ll switch it up. I was thinking of having a new image up every 2 days as long as there is a photo to replace it, if not. I’ll go back to my first Halloween image.

  5. MAde it a little better.. but might be covered by buttons lol

  6. LOL oly the zombies look like zombie tosh and zombie jay haha

  7. oh wait…it is zombie tosh and zombie jay 😀

  8. Looks good, but remove the text since that will be cover up by this.

  9. Ok i’ll do that

  10. Sinlock

    We should have a costume contest.

  11. Thats great I love Halloween. Gonna try make it cool

  12. Oly’s 1st Photo is up. I’ll use Jay’s photo on the 5th. I’ll add these to the calendar as well.

    Sinlock: We should have a costume contest.  

    Sure, let’s do it!

  13. lol, mmm I think that may confuse people.

  14. Wow, great work Jay!

  15. nice jay.. still not as scary as my xbox one lol.. got two more ill be posting soon

  16. Nice Oly 😀

  17. Just finished mine. tell me what you think.

  18. Ace looks good but the pumpkin will only be visible on the forum and community site of the forum.

  19. Changing it now

  20. Nice work ace

  21. For centuries, masters of art used hidden images for careful eyes. Oly’s logo is no different. I enhanced Oly’s logo, to reveal the hidden image. It depicts the predator in a different light:

    Can you spot the green fluorescent metal mug he is holding?

  22. LMFAO


    had to do a lot of optimization to even get it down to 115K lol. At least that’s a manageable size

  24. Nice one jay. I was actually wondering if gifs were fair game. So it’s just so long as we keep them small, eh?

  25. Nice Jay, however i thought we said no go unless around 55kb lol?

  26. I guess if it’s around 100 – 150KB for animated that’s fine. Great work Jay!

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