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MAG/PS3 MOVE = Awesome |

Here is a pretty interesting interview I found on Joystiq with Ben Jones who is the Systems and Level Designer for MAG. He talks about the integration of MAG and the PlayStation MOVE and how it takes him back to playing shooters on the PC with a Keyboard and Mouse.

Not sure how many of you have even tried the game with MOVE support, but just by watching this interview it makes me want to run out and pick up the game so I can try it out with my Nav and MOVE controller, especially now that the game is only 30 bucks.

  • FRUSTRATING is how I’d rate the MAG Move experience. I just get slapped around like a little girl when I try to use it. It’s nothing at all like the mouse/kybd system (which is really the only way to play FPSs). I’m sure that one could get better at using the Move with MAG, but I’m not willing to invest in it. Also, my arm ends up rather sore after just one 30 min. Domination match when I use the Move. Maybe the silly-looking gun mounting case would help?

    But on a different note, Luke, you should definitely pick up the game. It’s fun as hell, but it has something of a learning curve. The 2.0 updates are genius — they’ve made a great game even better.

  • you know he totally wore that bullet belt for the video.

  • HAHAHA I didn’t even notice it before. Good eye

  • hobbes

    i’m holding off on the move controller until i can score a controller/game bundle.. really bugs me i cannot get a move controller bundled strickly with a game. I’ve already got an eye, give me mag + move for 50-60 bucks and i’d be game

  • Darrin

    MAG is awesome, but I can’t compete with the Move controls. They work, they are really cool, but I am too clumsy with them. Maybe after I have some SP practice with upcoming shooters, then I will be more skilled with Move.

  • I have an awesome fps control scheme in mind, won’t a developer listen to me :\

    (It would be an alternative to existing controls, basically, the navigation controller would be used for both macro aiming / movement / and strafing with a pressure sensitive strafe modifier, it would be hard to get into, but hard to get out of 🙂 )

  • Smegmazor

    If you’re serious about checking out MAG with the Move, check out this really good support video everyone’s been raving about:

    If anyone wants to join Valor, add me: BATTLEFACE.

    Teamwork is important to me and the people I play with. Valor, as a whole, pretty much sucks. But my guys fight hard and we usually win with teamwork.

  • kenny6774

    thanks Smeg for posting that link…was goin to post myself…it seems some “allegedly” are really getting good at using the Move in game…I am in the other camp that finds it to be incredibly difficult. I’m barely any good with the DS3 as it is….mite spend a little more time with the Move and MAG tho….

  • tmrk

    what s the biggie with the move its like the xbox killed it with the kinect! the ps3 is better than the 360, and the 360 better than the wii, but why didnt sony come out with the kinect??? its like they down gradded and backtracked from being top noch to rippin the lowest of the consoles: the wii??? i just dont get it!!!!!! boooo”s for sony on tht move! literally!!!! kinect with the times and ppl sony!!!!!! anyone agree??