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San Diego Comic-Con Tickets On Sale Nov. 1st |

San Diego Comic-Con has announced that tickets for 2011 event being held on July 21-24 will go on sale on Nov. 1st at 9am Pacific time. To register you must purchase tickets at Last year they sold out pretty fast, and this year they will most likely sale out within a couple weeks. Preview night passes have already sold out due to pre-sales as this years con. Any questions let me know, as I am a 21 year attendee.


    I am hoping to attend comic-con 2011, having never been before i was wondering if you could answer a question about purchasing tickets.
    Is it possible to get them using a credit card that does not have my name on it? I’ve heard its pretty strict and you have to prove you bought them with photo ID. Seeing as i don’t have a credit card i was going to use a friends, is there somewhere when buying the tickets to put my name or the names of who they are for or does it just go off the name on the credit card?
    Or can i use paypal?
    Would appreciate the help, so i can work it out before they go on sale, If you have time to email me.