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LittleBigPlanet 2 Beta – Craft Earth Crusaders (WIP) |

Gevurah22 posted his work in progress (WIP) for this amazing LBP2 Gauntlet type game. He said this on his youtube page:
“Just a little peek at what I’m working on currently. Trying to shoot for a Gauntlet type gameplay. A lot of this will be changed in the final version as there will also be an option to choose a mage as well, on top of more types of enemies and a Dragon boss at the end. Stay tuned!”

See after the jump for another one of his amazing Gundam animation tests!!


  1. O_o at the Gundam animation tests!! I don’t understand how they make these at all, lol.

  2. As LBP 2 seems to be a true and separate game platform, you need to buy it once and you’ll get so much bang for your buck, almost to the point of infinite. I’m sure there will be something marvelous to check out every other day..

  3. see now this as opposed to that flower game is something

  4. lol.. this is definately something! can’t wait

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