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Resistance 3 News From The November Issue of Game Informer |


New details on Insomniac Games third installment of the Resistance series ( not counting Resistance: Retribution for the PSP ) has been revealed in a 10 page story in Game Informer with the following information taken from Neogaf.

*Beware of Resistance 2 spoilers ahead*

-Capelli started a family with Susan(Hale’s Stepsister)
– Son is sick so Capelli needs to travel to New York to get an anti-virus
– Malikov is alive
– Co-op campaign confirmed (Capelli, Malikov, & John Harper) are key characters
– No alternate story co-op similar to Resistance 2
– Scenes described in the magazine, some are related to the leaked pictures
– African Prison is one map
– Chimeran Plant Life (explodes when shot) shows the world is changing
– Boat scenes from the campaign described
– New, smarter AI
– Climb over walls, through windows
– Long legs jumping from roof to roof shooting down at you
– The Mutator is a new weapon, shoots biological mist which causes boils and other elements on the enemy
– Then it makes them pop, which hurts other nearby enemies
– Secondary fire makes them go crazy, attack their cohorts
– Bullseye, Magnum, Shotgun, Auger, carbine returning
– Upgrade weapons as you use them more and more
– Weapons have been made to look more improvised
– Grenades are shaped like food cans full of nails
– Online discussed, not much known yet
– Want to make it more organized, not a cluster like the 60 player matches in Resistance 2
– Ted Price handed the reigns to Marcus Smith to do much of the other work
– Humans are eating other foods due to a lack of food
– Story involves Capelli trying to get the Hale Vaccine
– The vaccine was made by Malikov from Hale’s blood
– Vaccine might be able to cure the chimeran virus
– Capelli is doing this in order to save his son
– He goes with Malikov to New York, St. Louis, etc.
– No more gas, everything needs to run off of Chimeran Energy cores
– The cores have to be stolen from chimeran ships


  1. pretty pysched. co-op campaign.

    “humans are eating other foods due to lack of food.” okaaaayyy…

  2. Jonaskin

    Sounds bizarre, I’d like to read the full article to get some more detail. I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

  3. joes:

    pretty pysched. co-op campaign.

    “humans are eating other foods due to lack of food.” okaaaayyy…  


    I think that should be “humans eating humans”. We’ll see when more ppl get a GI mag.

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