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Google TV w/ PS3 Support? |

As some of you might know Google, Sony, and Intel teamed up to release the world’s first HTV powered by Google TV. So what does that mean? Well it’s going to give you access to more entertainment than ever for one. It will also let you search the web, TV listings and apps so that you can find what you are looking for more easily. They are really pushing the watch TV, browse the internet or just do both at the same time. It’s going to be very interesting to see what kind of apps are going to be released for this thing in the near future, especially if it’s a big success.

It will come in multiple flavors. One will be just the TV with everything built into it, starting at $599.99 and going up to as high as $1,399.99, this of course is due to the size of the team. If you’re not interested in that because you already have a TV then you can just buy the box which costs $399.99 with a built in Blu-ray player.

So I started thinking how awesome would it be to integrate the PS3 into this some how? I haven’t heard anything about this yet so I reached out to SONY and received the following:

No official announcement has been made yet. Stay tuned. Thanks for your interest.

Now this in no way means that PS3 is going to be integrated into Google TV, but it also doesn’t mean it won’t/ Usually if it’s a rumor or speculation they just shoot it down right away. Here’s to hoping.

  • Give us a real web browser like Chrome, Sony 😀 It will be interesting to see how this sells, if people like it, etc. I could see this coming to the XMB though, that would be great. I noticed that they said android apps would come early next year.

  • Yeah I saw that same thing about the Android apps. I heard U-Verse is coming to the Xbox which is pretty cool for them but we need something to match it. SONY has got to be thinking about how to integrate this into the PS3.

  • It would be nice if you could buy Google TV Box without the Blu-ray player built in.

  • Yeah that is what I have a problem with, I don’t want the Blu-ray because I already have one. I see why they are trying to push it but come on that just drove the cost up even more than it had to be.

  • I was talking to PlayStation customer support the other day for something else and I asked the guy if he had heard anything. He said he hadn’t, but with something like that, we would get little to no warning before it was released, almost like a press release Monday night, new firmware Tuesday morning.

    I’ve got an email alert for “googletv + ps3” and subscribe to the search term “googletv” on the officual forums all set up.

    There’s so many theories, as evidence by my previous blog post on this subject, plus a few additional ones. PLUS the fact they promised us diskless Netflix this October, and here it’s the 13th and there’s nothing yet. I expect we’ll hear something on the 18th or 19th or 25th or 26th, since they always do stuff on Tuesdays.

    By the way, has anyone noticed how spotty PSN has been today, or is it just me?

  • Martin

    Logitech have also teamed up with Google TV…
    In case it interests you who don’t want the BluRay.

  • William

    That’s what I love about today’s consoles. They’re so versatile compared to past consoles thanks to the internet.

  • Thanks Martin, I might actually pick one up now.

  • Felipe

    Got email today from Netflix:

    Dear Felipe,

    You no longer need the instant streaming disc to instantly watch with your PS3â„¢ system.

    To watch instantly via your PS3 without the disc:

    1) Go to the PlayStation® Network section of the main menu.
    2) Simply install Netflix from the “What’s New” area.

    That’s it. There’s no need to send the disc back to Netflix.


    –Your friends at Netflix……..
    Works like charm, graphics are much interface lots clearer..Love it, view of things to come??