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Dead Space 2 Collectors Edition Details + Dead Space Ignition Giveaway! |

That plasma cutter gun does look pretty nice. For more detailed photos check out this Showcase album of all the goodies in the Dead Space 2 collector’s edition. It comes with all the following items:

  1. Dead Space 2 game disc.
  2. HD Dead Space Extraction (PS3 only)
  3. Replica of Isaac’s trusty plasma cutter with working LED lights.
  4. Downloadable Unitology Suit and Force Gun offering unique play advantages.
  5. Dead Space 2 Original Soundtrack (1:00 run time) + the Scoring of Dead Space 2 Featurette
  6. Concept art lithograph by Visceral Games concept articles Brett Marting.

Details on how to win PSN Codes for Dead Space Ignition after the jump.

I was given 3 PSN Codes for Dead Space Ignition to giveaway on! I will be posting something to the effect of “Dead Space Ignition Code 1 – First to reply to this will get it!” on the Global Site Activity page.

The giveaway will start tomorrow from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm MT (mountain time). I will post a 30 minute time slot on the Global Site Activity page of when I will post a message that you must reply to. You will need to be a member to reply so might as well register now. Be sure to check back often!

This is a prologue to Dead Space 2. It’s a animated comic Arcade game that reveals the events leading up to Dead Space 2. Plus you get rewarded with a exclusive Hacker suit which can be used by engineer Isaac Clarke in Dead Space 2!

Dead Space Ignition is free with pre-order of Dead Space 2.

In Dead Space Ignition you will Infiltrate and override various systems on The Sprawl in three unique hacking minigames – Trace Route, System Override, and Hardware Crack.

1) Hardware Crack is a puzzler where you must align lasers to complete circuits on a grid, using items such as reflectors and projectors in order to crack through broken control panels.

2) System Override turns tower-defense games on their head, and places you on the offensive. Send your viruses into the system to override the core, timing your attacks to defeat the antivirus and take control of the system.

3) Trace Route is a sidescrolling race where you run your electrical signal through the system, avoiding security hazards and racing against countermeasures to access the core.

  • Oly


  • EdEN

    Is there a price yet for the CE? My guess is that it will be $99.99 or higher.

  • would love to play the next dead space

  • EdEN

    Ok, just checked Amazon and it’s not showing BUT it did show on Gamestop: $79.99 for the CE which is $20 extra over the Limited Edition (which is what the PS3 regular version is called) and for the $20 you get the gun, the soundtrack, the in game skin and the lito which to me is well worth the extra money asked.

  • already got ignition since dead space 2 isnt a must-have title for me this fall. its alright, but i got bored pretty quick. i will have to sit down to grind out the trophies though.

  • I thought for sure it was going to be over 100 bucks, that makes the collector edition all the more sweeter. I was going to get it either way, the first one was definitely in my top five for this generation of consoles.
    Doesn’t Dead Space Ignition comes with a pre order of the game?

    • Yes, you do get Dead Space Ignition when you pre-order Dead Space 2.

  • EdEN

    @UbeRamza: The last round of CE set the price pretty high and thus we all expected it to be $99.99+, specially with the gun replica. My guess is the gun is small but overall I’ll make it so I can get the CE for Dead Space 2.

  • cant wait for this, dont know it I’ll get the collectors edition but will get the game, love the deadspace games for ps3 and the wii game deadspace extraction which is a prequel to deadspace very cool.