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PlayStation Move Sells 1.5M Across Europe |

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, Andrew House, head of Sony Computer Entertainment in Europe stated that the company’s PlayStation Move peripheral has sold over a million units since it’s debut in the region.

 Move has had “very significant sales in the first month since launch, somewhere in the region of 1.5 million units for the new controller across just Europe,” House said. “The initial sales response has been so far in excess of our initial plan that we’ll probably be looking at accelerating production.”

House also told Bloomberg that Sony expects a “very, very strong” Christmas holiday season this year in Europe and anticipates PS3 sales to exceed the company’s previous sales target of 15 million for the fiscal year due to “strong demand” in Europe and North America.

  • Since half of the people I know who has a PS3 has bought it, these numbers are believable. I’d now like a killer Move app, please. (Move exclusive game that will be awesome)

  • i don’t have alot of gamer friends, but the one friend i have who is, got it. i tried it out, playing that sword game that came with it. i LOVED it, and as soon as my wife lets me, i will be getting it. 🙂

  • WOW around 1.5M? Very impressed.

  • EdEN

    Well, the more interesting numbers would be how much SOFTWARE was sold because Move is just the controller and while it is nice that more units are in the hands of gamers the number of games sold for it is a better indicator.

  • I agree with EdEN. How many households are move enabled now? That’s the important part for software developers. Only sony could track it (estimates based on achievements per PS3’s?)

  • about 500k in NA…I wonder what Asia is looking like. 2 million is pretty good though.

  • lordincubus

    I got it. Sport champions is amazing. We play every weekend with beer and friends. Having trouble finding a good spot for the camera as my TV was mounted before we got this. I would like to think that the software support is obviously coming soon. I am sure developers were waiting to see how the consumers received the new controller. Now that we are seeing good numbers in just one month, (sold out around here Boston MA), then I am sure they will begin porting some of the Wii 3rd party games and creating new Hi res versions. For now I am interested in seeing Tiger woods with this controller.