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September 2010 Sales |

Platform United States Japan Total Year Over Year Change
PlayStation Portable 140,000 136,541 276,541 -7.32%
Wii 254,000 62,852 316,852 -41.78%
PlayStation 3 312,000 83,924 395,924 -41.41%
Xbox 360 483,989 14,178 498,167 33.12%
Nintendo DS 403,000 254,654 657,654 -20.17%

Top Ten Game Sales in USA

Title Publisher Platforms
Halo: Reach Microsoft Xbox 360
New! Madden NFL 11 Electronic Arts Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, Wii, PSP
Dead Rising 2 Capcom Xbox 360, PS3, PC
NHL 11 EA Xbox 360, PS3
FIFA Soccer 11 EA Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS
Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Square Enix PSP
Mafia II Take 2 Interactive Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Activision Blizzard PS3, 360, NDS, Wii
Metroid: Other M Nintendo Wii
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Activision Blizzard Xbox 360, PS3, PC

As everyone knows, NPD has cut back on the data that they allow to the public. Japan hardware sales are still available. PS3 US sales came through eventually. PSP USA figures are estimated.

  • i missed it. why did they have to show fewer stats? and is halo reach the reason for that crazy change in console sales?

  • Darrin

    NPD switched to fewer stats because it was in their interest. They are in the business of selling data and forecasts to paying customers and are less concerned about the non-paying public gaming community.

    I imagine PS3 sales dropped relative to 2009 because in 2009, they had just launched the slim and had more of a hot streak of games. This year, no price drop, no hardware changes, and no major game launches until GT5 hits.

    I imagine the 360 rose because of the new slim and because of Halo Reach, where last year they didn’t have new hardware or such strong software.

  • i guess the ps3 will never truly catch up. which is a shame, since it is a much more full device than the xbox. although the xbox slim narrows the gap, having a bluray player built in is huge in terms of bang for the buck.

  • what about europe ?
    Europe could make a huge difference in stats

  • Jay

    there arent any good sources for EU stats because of the number of regions

  • Does anyone else think that this is going to be a hard holiday season for Sony?
    If Gran Turismo 5 misses the holiday’s I think Sony is in big trouble.
    Not only that but the Move allegedly sold below expectations.

  • According to Sony, Move sold above expectations. Now I don’t think Sony would ever admit it sold below…but it sold pretty damn good. Better then I thought. 2 million sold in Europe, 500k in NA and who knows how many in Asia. I’d guess they are off to a 4 million piece start and thats pretty darn good for hardware that nots WiiFit.

    GT5 won’t miss the holiday. There are two rumors floating about.

    1. Sony is making them move it from the 3.42 sdk to the 3.5 sdk to prevent piracy for people who didn’t upgrade.

    2. It was simply late being sent to manufacturing.

    both would be alleviated in the matter of a week or two.

  • EdEN

    Nice numbers for Move but this and Kinect, unlike Wii, are not the standard controller in the hands of all console owners and thus games developed specifically for Move will have a hard time reaching sales of over 1 million worldwide at first.

  • MS planning a 500 million $ marketing campaign for Kinect.

  • Seth

    Can someone direct me to the source for these figures? I’m doing a project for class and am having a horrible time locating figures for hardware units sold. PLEASE HELP ME!