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Move vs Kinect Software Comparison |

By the time Microsoft’s Kinect hits retail Sony’s PlayStation Move will have been available for a little over a month in NA and EU ( it’s releasing this week in Japan ). Including retail and PSN games patched to support the peripheral, Move launched with a total of 15 Move compatible games. Today Microsoft has announced it’s lineup of 17 games for Kinect’s release. How does it stack up against what’s currently available on Move?

PlayStation Move Kinect
Flight Control HD PSN Kinect Adventures
Hustle Kings PSN Kinectimals
Eyepet Move PSN Game Party: In Motion
Pain PSN Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1
Plant Minigolf PSN Your Shape Fitness Evolved
Tumble PSN Dance Central
High Velocity Bowling PSN The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout
Kung Fu Rider Retail DanceMasters
Racket Sports Retail EA Sports Active 2- PS3, 360
Start the Party Retail Zumba Fitness
RUSE Retail Kinect Sports
Resident Evil 5 (Gold Edition) Retail Motion Sports
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 Retail Deca Sports Freedom
Toy Story 3 Retail Kinect Joy Ride
Sports Champions Retail Adrenalin Misfits
Heavy Rain Retail Fighters Uncaged
M.A.G. Retail Sonic Free Riders

Despite being criticized for a lack of games at launch, Sony’s PlayStation Move featured titles for everyone. From Eyepet Move to Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition ( via patch ), Move has games for both hardcore and casual gamers. Where as a majority of Kinect’s current lineup of titles range from sports games, fitness games and Harry Potter.

Even Though Kinect has an impressive number of titles for it’s launch lineup, many of them are too similar. With a more diverse lineup of games available for the PlayStation Move I’d give Sony the early edge software wise against Microsoft’s Kinect.

  • EdEN

    Still need more games before I make an investment on Move. Might wait until PS Move Heroes is released and eventually substitutes the Sports Champions Bundle.

  • Andy

    Talking of similar; Racquet Sports and Sports Champions are identical…except Sports Champions is a far superior experience.

    I purchased Tumble, but so far have been underwhelmed by the software available…although the technology behind the Move is very impressive.

    I saw a very funny demo of an FPS using Kinetic (sent via KB on Twitter), I don’t think Kinetic has much of a future for a lot of styles of games.

  • Andy

    I’m looking forward to Sorcery in the new year.

  • EdEN

    @Andy: Yep, Sorcery and PS Move Heroes are the two games that might make me get a Move but other than that nothing has been announced to keep me interested.

  • hobbes

    I’m waiting to buy move controllers until they create some actual good bundles for those of us that’ve purchased a ps3 eye already. Not sure why sony hasn’t bundled a game with a move controller yet.

    Hopefully that’ll happen sooner than later. I’m just bummed I didn’t get to toysrus soon enough b4 they sold out this past week.

  • By time Kinect comes out, the following game will already be out on Playstation move: Time Crisis: Razing Storm, The Shoot, The Lord of the Rings: Aragorn’s Quest, Tron: Evolution, TV Superstars, The Fight: Lights Out.

    with regards to the kinect line up it lacks variety. I see at least 3 fitness games, 3 sport games and at least 2 dance games. I think having similar products might confuse the consumer on which one to get.

  • derrickgott007

    What about MAG? Doesn’t it have Move support?

  • Yes it has.. M.A.G. should be added to the list!

    @Andy: maybe the only “identical” sport is table-tennis.. all other sports in Sports Champions are non-racket 😉

  • Kinects lineup is horrible…

  • I added M.A.G. to the list.

  • i really want to get a move. perhaps my wife will get it for me for the holidays.

  • Tosh:

    I added M.A.G. to the list.  


    Thanks Tosh. I forgot all about M.A.G.

  • EdEN

    So far the best motion control lineup at launch has to go to the Wii since it was a new idea with new ways of taking them to completion. The Move lineup so far has been “been there, done that” and not that great. As for Kinect, well, that’s doomed from the start…

  • EdEN:

    So far the best motion control lineup at launch has to go to the Wii since it was a new idea with new ways of taking them to completion. The Move lineup so far has been “been there, done that” and not that great. As for Kinect, well, that’s doomed from the start…  


    Not quite sure how that awards them the best “lineup” because they were the first. I don’t recall the Wii launch games however so I’m not claiming otherwise…just claiming your reasoning is illogical.

    Also, many of the Move titles are a new concept. Where has Heavy Rain done before? Where was Eyepet done before? Where was RUSE done before? Where was Kung Fu Rider done before? These are all new concepts to motion gaming that the Wii has not even touched on so how are they “been there done that?”

  • Rich

    EPIC Fail – sorry

    Every single kinect game is original / new

    Half of the PS3 launch titles are OLD games with move bolted onto the end of it. That is not innovative.

    Agreed on the Kinect having way too many games that are similar though.

  • every single Kinect game is a copy cat of a former Eye Toy game or Wii game. Most people don’t know about the old Eye Toy games as they didn’t sell very well, but some even have a similar name as well as premise.

  • LBDz

    This is PROOF that Kinect is not original same as the Kinect games are not original. They have a very similar connection to Eyetoy & PS-Eye also PS2 & PS3 gaming dating back from 2002.

    Or you can watch this

    Either way Kinect only runs with 30 fps, while PS-Eye runs from 60 fps-120 fps..

  • Good comparison video LBDz

  • lol wow. great stuff.

  • Darrin

    Shoot and Time Crisis are out, so they should be there.

    IMO, Kinect is all mini-game and casual junk and Move is a little bit better. The Time Crisis demo was some great classic light gun fun and playing single player shooters like Killzone 3 with Move sounds good, but that’s it. There’s nothing really game changing.

  • Slim

    Finally. Ive been tryin to tell ppl that Kinect IS NOT original. Evrybody keeps sayin how PS Move is just a Wii HD and i keep tellin them well Kinect is nothing but EyeToy HD. Fanboys will be fanboys i guess.