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Microsoft Jabs 3D and Sony |

Microsoft jabs sterescopic 3D and Sony:

“As a corporate mandate, I don’t need to sell you a new TV,” Spencer said, seemingly referring to Sony’s hardware business. “That’s not part of my business model. Other companies maybe have that part of their business model. I don’t.”

It amazes me, how all the tech sites fail to notice Microsoft’s motivation in this: The 360 has a split install base and 3D only works on the newer HDMI equipped models. Older models can’t be upgraded and can’t support 3D at all. Therefore, rapid adoption and success of stereoscopic 3D technology would hurt Microsoft in that it isn’t supported across the entire 360 install base like it is with the PS3.

Sony is also trying to sell new TV sets and that’s what companies do, they sell products for money. Microsoft isn’t giving away their games and new hardware products for free. PS3 stereo 3D technology also works with Panasnoic 3D TVs (which are supposedly the best 3D sets to get) and cheaper ViewSonic 3D monitors.

The bottom line is that stereo 3D is like surround sound in that both require more money and effort to setup and maintain and that both are fairly universally enjoyed by the mass market. The movie theater going masses clearly voted with their wallets that 3D is something they want and will go out of their way to get. I know plenty of vocal people *HATE* 3D and many have commented on this site how 3D is being forced on everyone at movie theaters (of course, the theaters are doing it because of overwhelming public demand). This reminds me of the 1990s when getting a surround sound setup was the thing to do, many classical music buffs *HATED* surround sound and similarly complained about how it was being forced on everyone and it was useless for appreciating music, etc.

  • I really really like the new 3D tvs. Iam not a fan of needing the glasses but if it only works that way then so be it. When they perfect the 3D tvs I will buy one asap. As far as M$ well I dont have anything positive to say so I will keep that to myself.

  • Mike

    Just like 1080p – it doesn’t matter until THEY figure out a way to implement it. HAHA.

  • MS doesn’t offer everything, so instead they go “who needs 3D?”, “who needs blu-ray?”, etc. This FUD spreading PR BS is getting so.. *yawn*… boring.

    As a consumer I want my goods to have plenty of options, currently and in the future. I will always go for the product with the most options, versatility and value for money OOTB, avoiding manufacturers that will lock you in with their proprietary stuff and/or required add-ons/services to get the full experience. And IMO Sony’s offer is currently better than Microsoft’s.

  • I’m not a 3D fan; I don’t want it, and I don’t see any need for it.

    But Microsoft can f*ck off.

    No-one is being forced to buy a new TV, but the option is there for anyone who wants to take advantage of it. At least we have that option.

    Anyway, Microsoft may not be trying to sell people new TVs, but they’re doing something far worse come November… trying to sell people sub-standard EyeToy cameras for $150.