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BioShock 2 for $20 |

If you still haven’t picked up BioShock 2 you might be interested in a deal that Cheap Ass Gamer posted earlier today.

According to the links they posted, Amazon & GameStop are selling the game for $20 US.

I picked up the game earlier today so it should still work. If you have any issues please let us know.

  • Wow, seems like the game lost its value fast!

  • EdEN

    Yeah. I got the CE of the game and then a month or so later the game by itself was already $49.99 and droping FAST. Still, the CE is worth the $99 by itself so I take the game to be the bonus and not the other way around.

  • Well, everyone go buy it. It was a day 1 for me, and while it isn’t as fresh and innovative as the first of the series, it’s still a great game. I don’t regret having spent $60 on it, and it’s a total steal for $20. BTW, the game used from Gamefly is $18, in case you’re curious about how good the above bargains are: .

  • Oly

    It’s 19.99 in game stop stores as well.. probably the new price drop..

  • Great game. It was a day 1 for me, and I don’t regret having spent $60 on it. $20 is a total steal.

  • I love getting games for a cheap price. I tried the BioShock demo and it was great.

  • Ok, this is really weird. When I looked at this page earlier, I was surprised to see that my first post (from yesterday) didn’t show up. After I submitted that comment, I had been taken to some weird black page with the CloudFlare logo, which said that the page wasn’t found in the cache. So today, the original post still not having appeared (tho Oly’s post had, which is still odder), I wrote much the same thing over again. So basically this is a convoluted apology for double posting, by means of a third post……. Sorry!