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Apple’s Money Burning Holes in Their Pockets, May Bid for Adobe, Facebook, Sony, Disney…Wait…Sony??? |

I’ve come across several articles today about Apple planning to purchase 1 or many of other large popular companies. This seems pretty reasonable as they have 51 billion dollars waiting to be spent with no debt. I, however, find myself hard pressed to believe these rumors even now that some official editorials are reporting the information such as the New York Times or Barrons Financial News Site.

What is most likely, is that if there is any truth to these rumors, then Apple will most likely be making a bid for a company within hours from now. believes that the bid will mostly likely be made for EA but does not support this with a source.

No matter what happens, it’s going to be a crazy day for the US market.

I really hope a purchase for Sony is not made. While I think there are many pro’s and cons to said purchase, I prefer things the way they are. How about you?

  • Oly

    I agree.. hope it’s not sony.. can’t imagine it would be
    and definately won’t be Disney/Marvel…
    Maybe they will buy

  • EdEN

    Don’t see EA accepting a deal. Disney is too strong for them. Now Sony shareholders COULD use the money…

  • hobbes

    hmm, that’d be interesting, maybe the ps3 would finally see itunes library’s

  • EdEN: Don’t see EA accepting a deal. Disney is too strong for them. Now Sony shareholders COULD use the money…  

    lol Disney too strong? They have 51 BILLION dollars (yes my pinky is against the corner of my mouth). They are only worth around 33 billion.

    I think EA is the most likely choice.

  • Sony + Apple I don’t see ever happening honestly. Maybe Sony + Google

  • Tosh: Sony + Apple I don’t see ever happening honestly. Maybe Sony + Google  

    If they ever did combine…it would be due to Google buying Sony, not the other way around.

  • EdEN

    Well Eddie, I meant Disney is too strong a brand to be put up for sale no matter how much money is flashed in front of them, specially with all they can do with their Marvel purchase and the movies set to release starting next year.

  • Good grief, I hope not. I’d hate to see the Sony badge on any of Apple’s low-quality, over-priced tat.

  • I hope they stay away from Sony.. If they did, Ps4 would cost 1950 usd. Funny thing being, more people would buy it! (I wouldn’t be one of them)

  • funny lol… NeoGaf was locking threads with the early rumors of this saying its impossible so stop posting it…until official sources started saying it there is an official GAF thread lol.

  • Not sure if this is good news or bad.

  • Apple could very well put in a bid for Disney as Steve Jobs is on Disney’s Board of Directors and held a majority share in Pixar before its acquisition by the Walt Disney company in 2006, which now he owns a the largest share % of Disney as a whole at 7%.

  • This just in, I have now retired since Apple put a bid in for Starbucks and my stock has soared. You will now be able to go into Starbucks, click an app on your iPhone and a cup will pop out of the desk and get filled with coffee from the sky. I WIN!

  • lordincubus

    Sony could use the financial help as well as the direction. If Sony doesn’t get bought by Apple I am sure google will be all over it. Google might even take a shot at developing their own operating system.

  • Ace

    Hmmm this is a toughy I like apple but.. Do they have what it takes to run Sony?

  • Andy

    Sony doesn’t make sense (Apple don’t want all their stuff, except maybe TVs). EA or Adobe does make sense to me, Facebook would be the biggest waste of money ever.

  • @lordincubus
    They are taking a shot in operating systems, and for the netbooks specifically. Called the Chrome OS. It’s pretty neat, all cloud based.

  • Alan Beck

    Just food for thought: If apple made a bid for sony now and a bid for Disney later. That would make apple a huge inventory of music, movies for ipads, iphones, itunes, idisney and isony.