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Halloween Pets in PS HOME |

Heavy Water, has just released some house pets for PS Home.

“The 2010 Halloween Edition of Heavy Pets includes 3 active furniture objects that will spawn 3 “pets” each when placed in a user’s apartment. The three furniture pieces and their respective pets are: a tombstone (creating ghostlings), a brazier (creating flaming skulls), and a belfry (creating vampire batlings). Each of the three created pets are flying/hovering and will randomly path through the user’s apartment, reacting to placed furniture and each apartment’s layout.”


  1. Been wanting to try this, but Have not been able to get into HOME. Get an error message when it’s done loading and gets to the inital “Daily News” screen.

  2. re-install it

  3. Ya, just go to the Home icon and hit triangle and delete it. Then re-download it. You won’t lose any of the stuff you have done in home.

  4. Last time I did that, it glitched and I had to remake all my avatars.

    • How strange …. try clearing your web browser cache on the xmb.

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