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Sony Suggests That PS3 Skype is a Possibility |

Sony has stated that Skype, an over the internet phone service may be in the cards for the PS3 as it is already available for the PSP.

In an interview from kotaku, Managing Director Michael Ephraim was asked about it coming to the PS3 and while he didn’t outright confirm it, he did sound very optimistic about it when he said, “Our global development teams certainly take into account the relative desirability of the feature set, so consumer needs and technology innovation really drive the product development process.”

So what does everyone think? Would you utilize PS3 skype?

  • Cheets

    Its not really something you can carry around with you, I mean a PS3 in your pocket! come on!

  • HamoHalen

    I actually think its an awesome idea!!

  • skype def has more functionality then just portable.

  • Maybe Sony heard Henning’s thoughts on PS3 Chat lol.

  • so…. would skype be used to effect xgc (cross game chat)?

  • Andy

    I’ve been waiting for Skype on the PS3 for ages, I’d be able to video call from my sofa using my newly purchase PSEye (came with Move). I think its a killer app for the PS3 and can’t come soon enough.

  • Tim

    This is something that I would use if you where allowed to use Skype while playing a game. I have used Skype in the past over the in-game chat because Skype is much cleaner in most cases.

  • Finally?

  • Ricardo

    It would be great!! I wouldnt have to turn on my laptop everytime I want my baby son videocaht with his grandparents!

  • Cosmo

    Great idea! On holidays, using the large TV with PS3 for Skype would be great to get all visitors on a Skype video call with family. Can’t wait.

  • zabor

    Need it ASAP!!! :))))
    Really, long overdue.

  • Dave

    Yes, please!!

    As soon as you can!

  • Euchrlele

    This should be a no-brainer. Sony ought to have done this from the start. Please bring skype to PS3.

  • Concas

    Here’s some incentive. I would go out buy whatever Sony eyecam, webcam, or what have you to be able to see my family on my 46inch LCD powered by my ps3 via skype.

  • Skype saved me with demons souls. Was easy enough to skype on psp while playing ds on ps3 online 🙂