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Killzone 3 Beta Game Night | October 26th |

Now that the Beta invites have been sent out it’s time for us to plan a Official Game Night and test out the Killzone 3 Beta together. We will start tonight at 8:30 PM Mountain Time. I put this on the main calendar as well. We will have another game night tomorrow as well.

If you haven’t already boot up the Beta now, because you there is a 2.02 patch you need to download which is 67 MB.

If you have the Killzone 3 Beta and are a member of this site, please post a reply on this topic with your PSN ID. If your just a guest leave a comment here or better yet sign up for!

For members you can earn points for joining us on game nights. You can get 50 points just for playing plus awards for how you play.

If somebody would like to host a UK time slot or another time slot all together please let me know in the comments.

  • I have yet to try this bad boy out so tonight is going to be a great time to do that. psn id =[n3wbis]

  • i have ps+. how do i get into the killzone 3 beta? i wants to play!

  • You had to be among the first 5,000 to download the Killzone 3 Theme. So you missed out on that. Might be other ways to get in later I’d imagine.

  • Oly

    Good way of getting closer to your platnium trophy tosh! Lol

    Ill be at Disneyland most of the day, but if I get home in time ill join up.

  • Between undead nightmare and Force Unleashed 2 that I’m reviewing for the blog I’m booked for tonight.

  • Jay

    I didn’t even get the beta lol, so I will be spending time working on some last minute SVR stuff for my SVR 2011 review (which I wanted to get done this morning but couldn’t)

  • wait, random people write reviews for this site? also, i downloaded the theme pretty early. that day. how would i know if i was in on the beta?

  • and wow. everyone has like 30k points!!!!!

  • @donifar Established co-writers on write reviews yes.

  • I got into the beta, woot woot! Iam kinda busy but will try to get on to meet up with everyone. my psn id is Trieloth

  • @donifar the only way to know is if you got a code. If you still didn’t get an e-mail, chances are you didn’t get in.

  • lordincubus

    I want in but I didn’t get the beta. Looks like I will be Red Dead tonight and Miami Heat Vs Celtics.

  • I’m working on original rdr. Partway through Mexico and not sure how far in I am.

  • EdEN

    No Beta here so I hope you guys have fun.

  • I don’t have PS+ either, so no beta for me. ๐Ÿ™

    Can anyone confirm how the chat system works? I’ve watched several videos now, but nobody seems to be chatting.

  • I played a match before work and the chat was great to be honest. Very clear.

  • How is killzone compared with mw2? Are they similar feel?

  • Luke

    Holy crap I suck at this game

  • derrickgott007

    I’ll be there.. Around 10pm central time. derrickgott007 is my PSN ID.

  • Oh lawdy, first time playing on the PS3 online and I decide to play the Killzone 3 Beta? I’m getting my ass handed to me at the moment, something I’m not used to

  • Oly

    played some but got home to late to join you all.. def taking some getting used to after not playing a fps for a while..

  • Dj_lazyness

    Hey I have got the killzone 3 beta , it is fantasic , a big improvement from kz2. From what I can tell from the comments I maybe the only person here in the uk who has it so i would be happy to host a game night for the uk people of there is anyone from the uk who to join in. Otherwise for now I’ll have to join u guys in the us ,;) my psn is dj_laziness