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PlayStation Phone |

I believe this is a leak, but it looks legit:

  • Still a non-final prototype.
  • Believed to be Android 3.0
  • Slim chance of a 2010 launch. Early 2011 is more likely
  • Looks like two finger multi-touch pad in between the face buttons. Classic shoulder buttons and face buttons are present.
  • 1 GHz CPU, 512MB RAM (PS3 also has 512MB total RAM including video). No word on GPU.

Wow! If I don’t have to break my phone contract, this is a must buy.

  • Blue

    yes i want it please come to t-mobile

  • Nice post man, this is pretty awesome. Hopefully it’s done well.

  • Oly

    Gonna be looking for someone to take my droid 2 off my hands

  • anon

    I wonder if this is what Apple had in mind if they bought SONY/Playstation?

    hmmmmmmm iphone playstation combo?

  • WeshWesh

    are there 2 analogs there? and are they like touch function…. oh right its in the description… interestingggggg… at least they’re finally putting the 2nd analog….

  • Andy

    The next PSP has to be pretty awesome, they just don’t seem to be gaining group on the DS. Combining it with a phone is a good idea, except this might put it out of reach of young kids (whose parents don’t want them having a phone).

    The Apple iTouch and iPhone platforms seem more likely to take over from the DS in my opinion.

  • I spot a front-facing cam! Mugshots during gameplay? 😉

  • derrickgott007

    I’m not too hip on touch pads emulating dual analogs. I find that I push past the limits of the touch pad because there is no physical stick to tell me when I’ve hit the limit.

    If you want to see how weird this feels just play Duke Nukem on the Iphone. Being in a firefight and trying to strafe will 90% result in death due to no real physical sticks. Preceise movement is also hard to emulate with a touch pad.

  • keep phone out of my psp! If I want a phone..I’ll get a phone…I want a gaming unit…

  • ok…2nd look….this is not the PSP2. Different animals entirely. I’m more relieved now.

    SIM card means AT&T or Tmobile…no thank you.

  • L/L

    Anyone else notice how the battery is nearly dead. I wonder what the battery life will be for this.

  • L/L:

    Anyone else notice how the battery is nearly dead. I wonder what the battery life will be for this.  


    All smart phone android based phone batteries suck. Across the board. Add in a PSP and its going to suck more.