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4 Comments Game Night | Preferred Days and Times Poll |

We started a conversation on the Facebook page about this already but we need a more organized way of collecting the data, thus a poll. From the input we got over on Facebook, it seems like Tuesday or Wednesday works for most so far. But let’s hear from more people so we have a better idea. Make sure to select your correct time zone as well.


  1. To be honest I don’t do multiplayer because I don’t have a set time when I can play. I just play when I can and is one of the reasons I quit MMOs.

  2. This will make an excellent hot-spot chart for the ideal times..

  3. Done!

  4. Yeah, I work around my girlfriends changing schedule, which makes it tough coming up with set times. But I can practically guarantee I’ll be online November 16th and 17th when she’s working AND I try to bang out all the online trophies for the new Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit! SO dying to play the demo tonight…

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