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Killzone 3 Beta | Game Night 10.26 Recap |

We had Luke and FrenchK (he also brought along one of his friends) show up last night. But Luke was a little late because he was chatting in the Live Chat on so I had to jump on and tell him that we are waiting for him, lol.

Since this is a Beta we can’t talk about the game really. But the first match we had to wait a bit for opponents to show up which was fine. We had some fun testing out the jet packs and exploring the map. At least I did, first time I’ve seen it. The last match was very annoying because of a few select people killed us off extremely easily and quickly a LOT.

FrenchK was usually in the top 3 standing, he was good. I hovered in the top 5 ish. Luke was near the bottom of the standings this time. Better luck next time Luke.

Now onto the awards for attending Luke and FrenchK get 50 points.

50 Points – FrenchK gets a award for being on time.
50 Points – Luke gets an award for taking a lot of enemy fire.

I personally had a lot of fun. Looking forward to another game night soon.


  1. I love how I Trashed talked on my personal Twitter and the PS3Blog Twitter account and ended up dead last everytime 🙁

    Jetpacks add a lot of fun to the game though.

  2. ….i want in……

  3. yeah me too i forgot about the beta.. is there still a way to get in ?

  4. Can’t wait to get a chance to try KZ3

  5. i am quite sad that i could not participate.

  6. Bummed I got home to late.. still played some.. but JETPACKS>? where did u find those..

  7. Depends on the map Oly, but it’s pretty obvious when your on the right map when you spawn the original spawn point. When you find one you press square I think to grab it.

  8. I want this game yesterday.

  9. Miffed I didn’t get into the beta!!

    Can’t wait for it to come out though!!

  10. @Flashray, It seems that sony doesn’t want to give anymore out.

  11. 🙁 ok

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