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Activision Shafts PS3 Users (Again) (Black Ops) |

CoD2 was never released on the PS3, probably because it came out before the PS3 was launched. But CoD3 was released for the PS3, but without the split screen support and map packs that 360 users enjoyed. In MW2 split screen, we had to play against “Guest 2” and “Guest 3” while 360 users got to play against named opponents. (I assume this was the case in WaW and MW1 as well, I just don’t remember.) 360 users got map packs before PS3 users as well.

Now, PS3 users are getting shafted by Activision one more time. Is it getting to the point where we have to just expect this and be content with our second-class status?

What am I talking about? Split screen online support, where the second player gets to log in under their own Xbox Live account on the 360, while PS3 users do not get the equivalent PSN support.

Just makes you kind of mad, doesn’t it? Is Microsoft’s wallet at play here? Or is Activision just lazy? Or do they really just like to baby their 360’s because they just like them so much more?

Oh, and before you go saying that the PS3 doesn’t support this kind of dual login, just stop right there. It does. Resistance 2, released two years ago, supports this feature, and does a great job of it. It’s in the firmware, Activision. Use it!

  • The PS3 is still a second class citizen no matter how good it is.

  • Treyarch is making it this time. But ya, wonder why they don’t put as much effort into the PS3 version.

  • Well we already know that MS has timed exclusivity for map packs and such. So we know they are in cahoots with them somewhat.

  • It’s a good thing that I’ll be passing up this version, as well as all future COD titles.

  • Are we talking about “leveling” as co-player? Because if IRC, Resistance2 didn’t offer this neither. All XP points were lost when you quit. Or was this patched later on?

    If Black Ops allows “level up” while co-playing, then this would indeed be impossible to do on the PS3.

    If it doesn’t, I wouldn’t mind playing as “Guest1”, since the XP gained is temporary anyway.

  • Regarding my previous comment, apparently R2 co-op should have been patched somewhere along the line. I found this bit on R2: “There’s only a few fixes specific to co-op, mostly XP balancing. There is some good news though – remember the complaints about the second player not being able to save their progress in co-op split screen? Well it looks like a fix may be on the way for that as well. According to Insomniac it was a problem with the PS3 firmware.”

    Odd, I’ve looked though all the patch notes and couldn’t find any entry on this topic =/

  • EdEN

    Well, I’ll be buying the Wii version since I enjoy the way I can control FPS with the Wiimote and won’t be buying a Move until next year.

    As for the topic of this post, my guess is that this has more to do with Sony than with Activision.

  • @Gibb: yup, the patch made it so that the second player could sign into their own PSN account and level up and everything.

  • @EdEN: no, you’re totally missing the point of this post. The point is that it’s NOT Sony’s fault. This is Activision not using a feature available to them.

  • You could also dual sign in on LBP.

  • EdEN

    @Blackstaffer: My bad. Since I’ve never used the feature I didn’t realize it was readily available for developers.

  • @Blackstaffer:

    I am with Eden on this one. This is Sony’s QA problem. For starters, Sony had many years to employ multi login support into their firmware, they not only didn’t have this at launch, it took them even more years to even provide the means. For multiplayer games, Sony should make it **mandatory** to adhere to some basic rules, even for small d/l games, let alone big titles like this. XBL has some standards, Sony leaves too much into the hands of the developers.

    Also, we don’t know the level of multi-login support on the PS3, is it standardized? Or is it sort of a hack? Unless Sony makes this mandatory, which they can, because they do employ their own QA before a title is released, we won’t know.

    To sum up: Is having trophies for PS3 games mandatory? Yes. It turns out Sony can enforce some level of quality for games on the console.

    Is having multi login support for local or online multiplayer mandatory for games with multiplayer ? No.

    Just make it mandatory.

  • I am with Eden, but he is not with me now, lol 🙂

  • Microsoft has a contract or something along those lines with Activision for dlc and stuff….just sayin

  • @Emrah: Yes, it is a standardized thing. Insomniac waited specifically for Sony to add support for this to the PS3 OS, and once they did, they made use of it.

    And saying this should a standardized thing by Sony is doesn’t make sense. You can’t mandate something like this. How are you going to do that? “Well devs, IF you’re making a first person shooter, and IF you decide to have some kind of split screen support, and IF you want to give the users the ability to go online, then you MUST have dual PSN account support!” Yeah right. Developers could just not do any of the previous steps. Or are you gonna mandate all those as well? “Well devs, if you’re making a first person shooter, you MUST have split screen support and you MUST let people go online and you MUST give each user PSN account access.” Or wait. It doesn’t even have to apply to first person shooters. “Well devs, if you’re making a game, you MUST have dual PSN account support!” None of these scenarios make sense – this kind of thing can’t be mandated.

    Do you think Microsoft mandates this? No they don’t. Because hardly any games on the 360 do this either. In the case of Black Ops, Activision decided to support this feature on the 360, but not on the PS3. It was Activision’s call, and they blew it. How can this possibly be Sony’s fault? Microsoft doesn’t mandate it, Activision didn’t do it on PS3 but did on the 360, therefore it’s Sony’s fault. Mmmmmm….. no.

    Looks to me like you’re looking for another excuse to bash Sony. Sony has lots of reasons to be bashed (like for the lack of cross game chat), but this isn’t one of them.

  • @Blackstaffer:
    If it is standardized, this is even more of a fault by Sony for not mandating it.

    Xbox, as far as I know, mandates multi-login support for any game that supports local multiplayer with or without an online setting, including guest account support. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    Here’s Castle crashers on X-box:

    Here’s Castle crashers on Ps3:

    Notice anything with the names? This is Sony, not mandating multi-login.

    If you are supporting multiple players on the same machine, you support multi-login on the X-box, even for local play, and with a guest account, end of story. You don’t need to complicate things by giving arbitrary examples. It is “mandateable”.

    It is not about fps’s, it is not about split-screen. It is about more than one person playing on the same machine.

    I’m not looking for another reason to bash Sony. Sony just sticks those reasons in my eye.

  • hobbes

    to be honest, i could have swore i read that cod Bops would support multi login. But i don’t see that in sony’s post now.

  • hobbes

    actually if you look at the ps3’s us official blog, the comments are all commenting on how this feature is in the game, what happened is my question?

  • hobbes

    just found this:”To everyone:

    David’s twitter has been updated to say it’s a PSN issue and he is looking into it with the engineering department, and that it may take some time.

    Maybe it will be patched in after release. Maybe they need to talk more with Sony about how it can be done.”

  • kennygk

    Hey Xbox has Activision, PS3 has EA 🙂

  • @hobbes: Probably they didn’t expect the backlash, and backpedalling, so we may see the support sometime.

  • @Emrah: but it’s not mandated! Take a look at MW2, WaW, and MW1. None of those have it.

  • @Blackstaffer:
    On Xbox, COD4 allowed local multiplayer with sign-in:

    On Xbox, MW2 allowd local multiplayer with sign-in:

    I’m not talking about having to have a local multiplayer in an online setting.. Just local multiplayer having separate sign-in’s.

    Don’t know about the others, and I have no Xbox360. But one time I went to my friend, I remember we were asked to login with a guest or a user soon as we turned on the second controller through the XMB. Don’t remember the game now. But it was standard, and almost transparent to the game itself.

    Since I don’t have an xbox360, and it is hard to find videos for small XBLA games, I can’t provide a detailed games of local multiplayer games with sign-in, but castle-crashers and several others do have it while the PS3 versions do not.

    That’s why I deduced that on Xbox, it is mandated. I could be wrong, but so far there hasn’t been anything to tell otherwise..