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Killzone 3 Helghast Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses |

[tab:Helghast Edition]The Helghast edition of Killzone 3 has been announced today, at a retail price of $129.99. Does the content warrant the price, though? Included is a replica collectible Helghast helmet, a 6.5″ Helghast Marksman action figure (not available in retail), an art book, a ‘super voucher’, and the game with bonus content.

The Super Voucher includes access to the in-game soundtrack, a dynamic theme, the Retro Map Pack (with 2 popular maps from Killzone 2), Double XP for the first 24 hours of multiplayer gameplay, and full access to all weapons and abilities in the same time span.

Pre-order bonuses are detailed in the next tab.

[tab:Pre-Order Bonuses]
Guerilla Pack (GameStop)

  • Unlock all weapons and abilities for 24 hours, and get the Retro Map Pack for free

Fast Starter Pack (Best Buy)

  • Double XP for the first 24 hours of multiplayer, and the Retro Map Pack

Unlock and Load Pack (Amazon)

  • Get 3 Unlock Points to use on a weapon or ability, as well as the Retro Map Pack

All other participating retailers will simply get you the Retro Map Pack for free. No word on pre-order bonuses in other regions, though.[tab:END]


  • I think collector’s editions shouldn’t give you multiplayer bonuses. Besides maybe map packs.

  • wow what a bullsh*t package. double xp and access to all weapons for people who pay $120….needless to say i’ll be avoiding online for a bit now.

  • Cool Helghast helmet, but I’d rather have it wearable than just a display.

  • Jonaskin

    That helmet is awesome. Still, I never buy collectors editions. The only ones I got were the special editions of Infamous and Uncharted 2, and only cause they were exactly the same price as the standard editions.

  • EdEN

    The helmet, the artwork and the soundtrack are great for a CE but the extra online perks is pure BS since you’re basically paying to screw over the non-CE owners.

  • Tk42one

    Have to agree that the bonus xp and perk unlocks for preorders is lame. It sets a bad precedent and I hope no one falls for it.

    Btw, this is the first bit of Killzone 3 news I havent liked. Guerilla, you’re better than that!

  • Legion213

    What would they be falling for exactly? The chance to own a helghast helm replica and a cool figure as well as a leg up in multiplayer. I will probably buy this just for the helm and figure. I could care less about the multiplayer perks. I think the only reason someone would be upset about this is because you don’t plan to buy it and there for don’t want to be at a disadvantage against someone who will.

    I mean COD released some crappy nightvision goggles and people bought that. I think this is a good collecters set since they give you both ingame and real world bonus items.