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COD: BlackOps Emblems All Revealed | has released screens of all of the available emblems in the upcoming COD: BlackOps game.

These emblems can be edited in many ways, and stacked up to 12 deep on different layers, to make your own unique emblem. There are going to be some amazing emblems with all the talented people out there.

You can see them all here.

  • Black Ops is going to suck anyway. Call of Duty is the worst series of this generation. Medal of Honor is so much better, especially on the best system ever…. the X Box 360.

  • Kane0000000000000

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  • Oly

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  • Anyone who half way knows me on this site, knows that that comment is just a farication lol. I can’t stand the 360 and I have Black Ops reserved for the PS3and I own both Modern Warfare games and WAW. I just wanted see peoples response to me writing such a ridiculous comment. Very funny stuff lol.

  • Jay

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  • Oly

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