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Sly Cooper Collection Will Release On November 9th

The new HD upgrade to the Sly Cooper franchise has been cleared for launch and will be available at retailers starting on Tuesday, November 9th for your platforming pleasure. The game was revealed at this years E3 and shortly after we got some new info about what we would be getting for our $39.99 purchase which makes this post a whole lot easier:

  • Sly Cooper 1, 2 and 3, all in one Bluray disc.
  • Widescreen 720p remastered graphics at a steady 60 frames per second
  • 4 new minigames that take advantage of both the new PlayStation Move controller and 3D. You can also play them with the Dualshock 3 controller and without the 3D.
  • Trophies for all 3 games which means you get 3 platinum trophies for only $39.99

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Naked 320GB PS3 is Here!

Don’t get to excited about the naked part, all I meant by that is that this PS3 is going to be a 320GB standalone model without anything included. According to SONY this is what a bunch of users have been asking for and with all the content that SONY has been pushing and adding as of late they decided this was something that was a good idea. This baby is ready for your gaming or watching pleasure as early as today at your local retailers. It will debut with a $349.99 price tag and for only $50 more than the 160GB model, it’s a pretty good deal.



PSN Down Due To Maintenance

Yesterday after posting about the new Playstation Rewards initiative from Sony I figured that some heavy “maintenance” was to be scheduled for PSN to implement the changes needed so they could track and link our activities and thus allow us to increase our PS Rewards Rank. PSN will be down from 7:00 am Pacific up until approximately 3:30 pm Pacific.

4 Comments Halloween Costume/Pumpkin Contest [Update]

To enter the contest, submit a photo of yourself in your Halloween Costume or a photo of your Pumpkin in the comments below. Your picture must include a visible sign with “” written on it.

Cut off date for posting your photo is November 2nd at the stroke of midnight! Do not post photos from past years, photo must be from this year. If you would like to show off your costumes/pumpkins from past years, please do so here 🙂

On November 3rd I will create a poll and let the readers decide what is the best costume/pumpkin. It will run until November 7th at 8 am mountain time, then I’ll award the winners!

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