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PlayStation Store Bug? |

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, and with parental duties taking over at the moment, the first chance I get to do something for myself and I decided to write about a major gripe I have with the PS Store.

I personally don’t know of many that have experienced the issue I faced not so long ago, but I do know after googling around that this is something that has existed ever since the PS3 was launched back in 2006/7.

So, what was the issue?

Well, just before PS Move came out (yes, it was that long ago), I decided to purchase Flight Control HD as it was a game I was quite addicted to on my iPhone, and with the game having Move compatibility I was completely sold on having it. So I decided to purchase it the day it came out on the PS Store. As normal, I continued to go through my purchase on the store and BAM! Your credit card details are invalid. Err….hang on – invalid! WT#?

I had made many a purchase without changing my CC details on my PS account but why the error message?? So I decided to double check the details. Ok – no problem here, let’s try again and purchase FC HD. Was the system having it. Nope! Even though all my details were correct – including my card details, I was being told I couldn’t buy FC HD! After multiple attempts of re-entering my personal and CC details I got rather pee’d off. So, what next?

I googled the problem to see if there was a solution. This is where things started to worry me. There were many a solution but they weren’t proper fixes or they didn’t actually work. I tried to login to the PS Store Account Management website to update my details there to see if that would help – this however did not help at all.

I eventually picked up the phone to PlayStation Support, and I got through to a very helpful chap in less than 3 mins (I’m not exaggerating here). We went through my purchase history and any codes that may be fired whilst my purchase was going through – he even double checked my details to ensure they are as they appear on my CC and my bank statements. All was fine. Even the support guy was bemused to why this was happening. Then it got slightly worse. Whilst on the phone, we tried to make the purchase and my PS Store purchases got blocked for 24 hours. If I attempted to purchase anything via the PS Store within these 24 hours, the 24 hours would shift forward until the clock cycle had completed.

As Tony the Tiger would say – grrrrrrrreaaat! I was advised to check with my bank to ensure my card hadn’t been blocked etc. Thankfully – all was ok. 24 hours later, I managed to purchase FC HD and I was a happy bunny. I hoped that this was a one-off, unfortunately it wasn’t. The same thing happened again, this time it was on the day Sonic 4 was released on the store – and instead of being blocked for 24 hours, I couldn’t purchase the damn thing for 10 days. Oh the pain I was put through!

Have you been affected by this so called ‘bug’ preventing you from purchasing anything from the PS Store?? How long was it before you were able to buy that really important game? Is there a ‘proper’ fix for this problem or do you simply wait out the 24 hours and keep on trying?


    I’ve experienced something like this before. It turned out I had to enter my card info as it appeared on my card, CAPS and all.

  • Oly

    I had the issue pop up and all i had to do was update my expiration date on the card..

  • Oly: I had the issue pop up and all i had to do was update my expiration date on the card..  

    Same here, no issues after I updated the expire date on my credit card. But I’ve never ran into the issues you have run into Madagasca.

  • It happens. Waited a few days and it was all ok.

  • Oly


    Same here, no issues after I updated the expire date on my credit card. But I’ve never ran into the issues you have run into Madagasca.  


    Actually I shoulda said issues.. def not the same issues, but if I remember right it didn’t say what was wrong, just that it was declining my card.

  • EdEN

    That’s why I use PSN Cards instead of my credit card. The info is pretty much out there with every purchase you make but having it in Sony’s servers isn’t too re-assuring.

  • Its a long time ongoing issue that Sony is well aware of. None of my cards work anymore. I had one that worked, but it expired and I got a new one..same number and info just different date and PSN refused to accept it. Apparently its very very critical of the info and how the bank institution entered it in. Nonetheless…I used to have a credit card but PSN cards are the only thing I can use now.

  • Greg

    Since day 1 when I got my PS3, the PSN wouldn’t take my credit card. It’s pretty ridiculous. I wasn’t until a long while later (when PSN cards were finally available in Canada) that I was able to buy anything on the PSN store.

    I called Sony support, I called my CC company, I copied things letter for letter from my CC statement. Eventually I just gave up.

    It seems like they’re so worried about possible CC fraud that they keep out a lot of legitimate users too.

  • mike

    mine stopped working months ago, no idea why. psn cards now