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Poll Results and New Poll: Does Your Family Game With You? |

So this poll was running for quite some time, so I decided to start a new one. Anyway, the results for the last poll show that people clearly want Google TV to be made available on the PS3, with some who would only like it if Google Chrome replaced the current web browser (which would be a welcome addition). Only 9 gave a flat-out ‘No’ answer.

With that said, the new poll idea came from Oly, asking whether or not you play video games with your family. I did have to add a few responses, though, but he’ll still get the full points. Now lets see how active you guys are with other members of your family!

  • EdEN

    I’ll be buying Wii Party to play with my wife and she’s been re-playing Zack and Wiki as well. On the PS3 front she’s helped me a bit with Bioshock since sometimes I don’t notice something or don’t see an enemy making it’s way from the sides of the screen. Still, she plays with her DS the most so…

  • i play with my wife mostly, but she will only play singstar