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Two New Little Big Planet 2 Featurettes |

I’ve been in beta for a bit now, and I have to say the game is as amazing as it looks. The possibilities with these new features are definitely endless. I’ve actually played through some of the levels shown in these two clips! The sackbots can be very entertaining.

Sackbot Video after the jump!!

  • They are coding Ninjas!!! Can’t wait to try this stuff out!

  • LBP 2 will simply be great and surpass its predecessor by all means. However, there’s one point about the game that is simply a great deficiency and there’s nothing done about it in the new game. And that is: Even if you create, say, an awesome robot by using complex logic and stuff, you can’t flip your robot (although this problem is solved by the new holographic material, the fact that you can’t use all kinds of materials for this purpose is disturbing because the holographic material looks over-shiny and if I build something like a robot I prefer that it is made of metal). The robot you will make will be destined to moon-walking when it will walk in the opposite direction (the direction that is left behind you and that you are not facing). Other than that, it will be GREAT.