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Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophies Incoming? |

Playstationlifestyle have spotted something interesting on the back of the Greatest Hits Collections box of Metal Gear Solid 4. Right at the very top it states “Multiplayer – Voice – Trophies”. For now label this as a rumor, but it looks like everybody’s wishes are coming true.

see image here

  • Kinda cool I guess, will probably benefit the hardcore gamers the most.

  • guys, guyssssssssssssss…. You should totally play the multiplayer. Its actually pretty good.
    It even makes up for that one chapter composed almost solely of cutscenes.

  • lol you just insulted the greatest RPG series on Earth then said MGS4 multiplayer is pretty good? We are definately on the opposite ends of the spectrum lol.

  • @abkanis MGO is really fun I agree. I still play it off and on to this day.

    I’d love to see trophies come to MGS4, but if I have to re-buy it to get them, forget it.

  • EdEN

    Well, they could pull a CAPCOM saying “the greatest hits version has been remastered to take advantage of the new tools available for us and that’s how we could implement trophies so unfortunately we can’t make a patch for those with the “not red ugly case” version of the game.

    Haven’t played MGS4 yet since I borrowed it from my boss a couple of weeks ago but a trophy patch would make me get to it ASAP. On the same note, if SEGA released a trophy patch for Valkyria Chronicles that would get me to replay the game.

  • Too late for me. Wanted trophies before I got the Big Boss Emblem thingy. Not doing that again.

  • I’m not holding my breath any more. Been teased too many time by…. The Devlopers that Cried Trophy.

    I’ll do a few play throughs but, like Sakinah I’m not going to grind the game to get the Plat. Figuring that there is a trophy for each badge plus any Mult-player ones.

  • Man i think we were promised this like sometime last year and it nvr happened i gave up waiting yo!