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Crescent Pale Mist Up For Release on PSN Next Tuesday |

The new game from Rockin’ Android and Sony Online Entertainment, Crescent Pale Mist, will soon be available at the PSN Store thanks to Tuesday’s update. As logic would dictate, it’s a PSN exclusive since SOE is involved and Sony releasing a game in another console was either three gens ago or would take place three gens ahead (predictions, predictions; you have to remember the 90’s and tell me if you still think it couldn’t happen).

Basically this offering is a cross between a fast-paced platforming 2D action game and a bullet hell shooter. The developer refers to it as a 2.5D game, my guess being that it says so because it uses polygons instead of being of the hand drawn variety (as was the case with Muramasa on Wii, a game rumored to be set up for launch on the PS3 in the first months of 2011 in Japan) The trailer available at the link gives you a better idea about how the game works but for me it just seems a bit too hectic, even for a bullet hell game. Maybe it has something to do with watching the action in a small PC monitor instead of on a big 40″ 1080p TV.

The game is priced at a budget workable and PSN Store friendly $5.99 (did you notice you save 1 cent every time you purchase a game on the PSN store over the same game at XBLA? Sony really, truly loves us! Buy 100 games, get a dollar for free!) so if  bullet hell games are your cup-o-tea the transaction total asked for it is low enough to even give it a blind go.

  • Jay

    lol, it kinda looks like a PS2 game

  • EdEN

    Well, for $6 we can’t be really picky. But when we can get something like Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty for $10…

  • Oly

    Nice post EdEN, but It looks like it should be on your Wii.. 😎

  • EdEN

    Super Mario Galaxy, Monster Hunter Tri and Jett Rocket said hi. 🙂

    All in all the game does look a bit too hectic and weird for my taste but the price isn’t that high so who knows.

  • R&C:QFB was $15 when it was released, BTW. And yes, I bought it day one. Was a bit disappointed, as it was really a tech demo or even a sort of beta test of the new omniwrench mechanics that would be used to better effect in R&C: Crack in Time. Still, it was a nice miniature R&C fix while waiting for the next full-fledged installment of the series.

  • EdEN

    I bought Quest for Booty when it was half off on the PSN and for that it was a great bite-sized game. At $15 it should at least have given us a platinum.