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MAG DLC2 is Active (after a few hiccups) |

The new MAG game mode, Escalation, is running properly as of Nov. 4, 2010. The DLC was released on Nov. 2, but server configuration issues prevented users from accessing the new maps. Escalation is effectively a larger-scale version of the Sabotage game mode, with the twist that it pits players from all three “armies” (PMCs) against each other. This mode supports 96 players (32v32v32). It includes three new maps and nine new weapons (three for each PMC).

Escalation retails for 10 USD, but if you are a PSN+ member or if you bought DLC1, Interdiction, on or before Oct. 28, 2010, you are eligible for a $2 discount on this new DLC. Also, the price for Interdiction has permanently dropped to $5 from $10, and PSN+ members can pick it up for $2.50 (!). Also, Zipper is offering a $15 “starter kit” that includes both DLC, a trial of the two rental character slots, six PSN avatars, and three dynamic themes. PSN+ members, though, might want to skip this pack unless you’re really into the themes and so on, as you can get both DLC for $10.50 total. [EDIT] The starter pack is also available for purchase on Amazon for $10.

Viva MAG, though the big question is, can it survive the Nov. 9, 2010 release of Call of Duty: Black Ops?

  • Paul

    Is Escalation good? Are people playing it? Seems like no one ever is playing Interdiction.

  • Yes, people are playing it (twice as many in Esc. as Acq. at the moment, for instance). And more are playing Interdiction now, though we’ll see how long that lasts. The mode is fun and the new maps are pretty cool (check ’em out here: ). The only problem is that people are still learning the mode. Zipper doesn’t explain at all what you’re supposed to do, so some people are running around confused, those with experience are yelling at them, etc. Also, since it’s three teams, it’s in the best interest of two of the teams to gang up on the one that’s ahead, but those inexperienced with the mode don’t always get that, so… Anyway, here’s a user-created guide to the game mode: