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PlayStation Home Update Next Week |

On November 11, also known as next Thursday (or weekend eve), the Playstation Home Beta (yep, it’s still a Beta and will probably stay like that for a long, long time) will get a new update. The version number will change to 1.4 and will bring forth several changes, including the following:

Grouping and Voice Chat
That’s right – voice chat is coming back! With version 1.4, you will be able to form a “Group” with up to 8 people and chat with one another in both public and personal spaces. The best part is that these groups will have dedicated voice and text chat channels that allow you to speak to members of your group, regardless of where each of you may be located in-world! New voice and chat channels will also be made available for clubs, making communication with other members of your club much easier.

Wardrobe Improvements

Alongside improved voice chat, many of you have asked for additional inventory/wardrobe management features. Our development team has taken your requests very seriously and have instituted sweeping improvements, including:

  • You will now have the ability to mark items as “Favorites” – making commonly-used items much easier to relocate.
  • Newly-acquired items (along with categories that contain new items) will be marked accordingly.
  • Options for filtering and sorting items have been added, giving you greater control over which items you see and how they are displayed.

A new interesting option after the update will be the Storage. If you’re the type to buy a lot of clothes on PS Home (or just have several special shirts thanks to pre-orders, in game bonuses, playing a demo or all of the above), you can now decide to put into Storage those that you don’t really use a lot, thus allowing you to easily change to a new set of clothes in a shorter amount of time.

More info will be released in the days before and after the update is live. So, how often do you use PS Home? When was the last time you visited the virtual playgrounds offered?

  • Brian

    I updated to version 1.4 yesterday and now I can’t sign in to PS Home. All it does is try and then a “Service Message” comes up with nothing in the message. I have tried restarting my system but no success. What should I do?
    Signed Home Sick

  • EdEN

    Did you wait until the orange light on your PS3 (which means the HDD is being used) stopped blinking? If you didn’t then Home’s update didn’t download properly and now you won’t be able to use it. You should email Home’s customer service for some options.