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The Tester Season 2 – Episode 1 Review. Was it worth the wait ? |

For those of you who haven’t caught the first season of The Tester, it’s a PSN exclusive reality show in which 12 contestants compete in various events to obtain the final prize : a position as a tester for Sony.  The contestant’s results are then judged by a panel of 3 people related to the industry, and one contestant is eliminated until, at the end of the season, a winner is declared.

With PSN’s November 2nd update came the Season 2 debut of The Tester. Was it Worth the wait? I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

For this second season of the tester, 11 new contestants were chosen by Sony, and one contestant was chosen by the public through a voting process. 5 females, 7 males  who all have one thing in common: the love of games. The list of contestants can be viewed here. The Prize for this year remains the same, a position as a Tester for Sony, a $5000 bonus, a new PS3 system and a brand new Sony 3D television.

For this first Episode, we are introduced to the different contestants, all referred to by their alias, and not their name. They are let into their new living space, the Sony loft filled with everything Sony, and each given an introduction prize pack that includes their “lifeline” which is a tester badge. They are then sent towards their first Challenge, and introduced to the judges.

The Judge’s for this season’s challenges consist of 1 guest and 2 regular judges who will be there during the whole show.

For this episode it consisted of :

  1. Stig Asmusen, Director for God of War 3 (Guest)
  2. Bret Gocke, Senior release manager for Sony QA testing (Regular)
  3. Adrianne Curry, Model / Reality star / Gamer (Regular)

The First Challenge consisted of each player being put in front of a screen that slowly unveils an image to which you must identify as many Sony-related products in a certain lapse of time. For each product identified, the player is allotted 1 point. The winner is obviously the one with the most points. This test really differentiated the casual gamers of the group from the passionate gamers, as there was a gap of about 20 points between the lowest and highest scoring player. The Winning player was Ches-Ka, with a total of 25 points, and ensured her safe passage for the next challenge; and obtained a nifty God of War 3 Ultimate edition, signed by the dev team. The 2 losers who were kicked out by the judges? You’ll have to watch the show to find out.

Was this first episode good enough to hook gamers to watch it again ? I think not, but maybe the preview of next week’s events will be enough to entice us to watch it again.

In any case, stay tuned to PS3blog for the next episode recap, more detailed coverage on the contestants and an upcoming Point contest where we will be having open bets on who will be this season’s winner.

  • How long are the episodes? I’ve haven’t seen one yet.

  • FrenchK

    29 minutes !

  • Great first post Frenchy. I downloaded this but haven’t watched it yet. I might just have to watch it now, especially if we are going to be placing bets.

  • How long is the season? I’ll have to download this today.

  • FrenchK

    There was 8 episodes to the first season. So should be about the same for Season 2

  • HAHAHAHA that first girl that talks in the van is all nervous that u can see her breaking out in a rash on her neck and chest.

  • derrickgott007

    Maxim is such a douche… Classic jock move… And he paid the price…HAHAHAHA!

  • I wasnt to trilled with the first episode. But Luke if ther bets being made i think that girl that won the first challenge will win it all!

  • I think that was the girl that was nervous in the van. She proved herself although I can’t believe these people.

    Max1m was a total tool, how do you want to be a tester and not know anything. Then the other girl is like oh I am not good at tests…. um seriously? Your on a show called the tester.

  • FrenchK

    Yup, Really Glad Max1m was voted out.

    That “millionnaire” gamer who was everything but doesn’t is the one who gets the most on my nerves.

  • I’m hooked. Not only to the show (which I wish showed a little more of the house drama, it’s a lil too short), but to the giveaways each week The Tester 2 is giving to the public! That’s worth the download alone!