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New KZ3 invites going out; sent directly through PSN |

It’s being reported that Sony has started sending out Killzone 3 invites directly through PSN instead of the traditional e-mail with code. This message has the Sony PSN logo, and the “From” address is the beta name your invited to. It includes a direct link to download the beta rather than having to enter a code in the PSN store.

So watch your received message for those of you who aren’t in the beta, and want to join our next game night!


  1. I think they’re slowly switching over to that kind of notification because I got one through a PSN message for Dead Space 2

  2. I think that’s a smart way to do it actually.

  3. I just got that notification 2 days ago! I was playing New Vegas, and was like WTF?!

  4. I just recently watched KZ3 beta video footage, and it got me excited for firstperson mech action. Maybe they’ll recognize me for my MAG dedication and send one my way.

  5. checked my messages earlier and got it. already downloaded and installed, but I’ve yet to play it

  6. awesome JAY!! Start playing we gonna do another GAME NIGHT RIGHT NOW SOON!! lol.

  7. MARCIN30003

    sent me code

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