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Killzone 3 Beta Game Night | November 8th |

I have had a couple impromptu game nights with Luke and have had a lot of fun. Took some time to get used to it again. But man it’s a blast! So it’s time to plan another official game night. We will start Monday night at 8:00 PM Mountain Time. I put this on the main calendar too.

If you have the Killzone 3 Beta and are a member of this site, please post a reply on this topic with your PSN ID. If your just a guest leave a comment here or better yet sign up for!

For members you can earn points for joining us on game nights. You can get 50 points just for playing plus awards for how you play.

If somebody would like to host a UK time slot or another time slot all together please let me know in the comments.

  • lordincubus

    Thanks for posting this tosh. PSN ID= Lordincubus

    Does anyone know when the beta will close?

  • I was wondering this myself, I checked the email I got with the beta key and it’s accessible from 10/25/2010 to 11/15/2010. So not much time left 🙁

  • O wow I wonder how long it will last fo those who just got the beta on friday night through PSN msgs. hmm O yea was playing with Obi1 on kz3 tonight I was xDeFcOn24x

  • You guys are having a Black Ops game night right. I can’t wait for that.

  • I don’t believe the end date is extended. They just let more people in.

  • @uberamza Somebody else would have to host a Black Ops game night. I don’t plan on getting the game myself.

  • i cant believe this happened tonight………yo try and hold another event this friday night if u guys can and for COD: Black Ops we should hold a game night… definitely in 😀