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New PS3 Bluetooth Headset Coming This Month |

They released the first Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset back in 2008. I still use this and it works great! But if your itching for a glossy headset upgrade your wait it over. Personally I prefer the matte finish.

It still has everything the original had such as dual-microphones, in-game headset status indicator, mute button (very handy), charging cradle which also functions as a desktop microphone, and finally High-Quality (HQ) mode support on the PS3.

What’s new other than it’s looks? Well it’s 30% smaller than the original, it’s redesigned and has a high-gloss finish. Plus it has built-in noise cancellation for filtering out ambient noise which is a big plus in my book. Improved support for mobile phones are included with this hardware upgrade, such as three-way calling and call waiting.

It will be available this month for $49.99, will you be picking this up?

Here are some high resolution photos of the headset:

Cradle View | Front View | Side View | Retail Packaging

Via PlayStation.Blog

  • Oly

    Nice.. I have the original one as well and it has worked great. I love the easy way it connects to the PS3 over other headsets. I think I’d prefer the matte finish too, but the noise cancelation, and possible redesign of the ear piece looks to be a nice addition. The older one can become a little uncomfortable.
    Probably won’t pick this new one up tho because I am in love with my new Tritton headset.. only problem is all the wires!!

  • anyone have the original? would the connection and voice quality better than my motorolla?

  • Anyone know off-hand what HQ support means?

  • HQ mode is supposed to provide clearer sound, but I can’t test it myself, have to be on the other end 🙂

    Turning on HQ mode disables echo cancellation feature of the PS3, that came with firmware 3.0 .