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Playstation Move: It Only Does Stats |

This image was posted over at the Playstation.Blog to give us some stats which we can season with some salt and pepper to spice up the hype:

Sony promises more stats (Oh, glorious Joy!) during the week when the Sports Champions team shares some of their numbers.

So, did it convince any of you to run out and buy a Move ASAP?


  1. It only does stats? Sounds like it’s very limited

  2. I’m loving the Move… (surprised only 30% Women!)… and excited to see some Sport’s Champion stats! 😉

  3. lordincubus

    I love my move. Can’t wait for Beat Sketcher to come out. Need to buy that ASAP.

  4. For now I’ve got several Wii games on my backlog as to buy the Move and the games really aren’t there yet. Once PS Move Heroes (hope it’s at least half as good as the Ratchet games) and Sorcery are out there (as well as when Sony releases a Move Bundle that substitutes Sports Champions with something else) I’ll be adding it to my collection.

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