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Canada, Kevin Butler Loves You |

Today the VP of everything has decided to deliver a special message to the people up north, no not to Santa and the Elves. I’m talking about the people of Canada. It seems that the system that “Does Everything” is doing everything for Canada as well, starting today you can get on the PlayStation Network and download thousands of your favorite TV Shows, Movies, and even some commercials.

See, and you people said Canada never gets anything!

  • Lovin’ it.

  • I’d say something a long the lines about us Canadians not getting the shaft for once; but it hasn’t been a problem for me to be honest.

  • Oly


  • LoVe This Guy KEvin will you marry me if i was a woman? but ima guy so canu be a cougar? O wait Im still17 wait for me Kevin PLZZZZ!!!lol ah o l;ove being high i can get away with loads of stuff. If any government thingy is reading this and tring to ttrace my ip address well dont cuz i have a prescription for my medication so hahahahah the hell with you!!!!!

  • “g’day”.. LOL

  • Living in south florida I love getting nasty looks when I ware this shirt.

  • ahahahaha !! EPIC !!!! 😀

  • EdEN

    “Sometimes, you’re so lucky to be living next to me, I almost wish I was you… if I weren’t me”. Hahaha.

  • lmaooo