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We Have A Get Fit With Mel B Winner!! |

We have a winner!! Over all we only had 19 valid entries, so your chances were pretty good to win. Here is a video of me randomly picking the winner. Congratulations to premiersoupir our winner!! He will receive a brand new copy of Get Fit With Mel B for use with the PS Move for the PS3.

Special thanks to Aubrey Norris at SouthPeak for making this happen.

Be sure to stay tuned to  for a review of this game, as well as more giveaways coming your way soon.

[tab:Game Details]

Get Fit with Mel B is a cutting-edge, at-home fitness program that puts you on screen with Mel B – Spice Girl, Dancing with the Stars finalist, host of Oxygen’s Dance Your A** Off and star of the Style series Mel B: It’s a Scary World.

Get Fit with Mel B allows you to work out side-by-side with Mel B, known around the world for her fit physique and dedication to health and fitness. It’s like you’re working out with Mel B in real life – with real-time feedback and the motivation you need to reach your fitness goals.

She will train and inspire you in this total fitness program that uses cutting-edge, motion-driven PlayStation Move technology to put you in the action as you complete a wide variety of fun, dynamic workouts with Mel B and receive a customizable nutrition program.

• Workout Alongside Mel B On Screen: Forget cartoon avatars – in Get Fit with Mel B you get the real deal in high-definition. It’ll just be you with Mel B at your side, coaching you through workouts and providing constant, real-time feedback on your performance.

• Completely Individualized Training: Everyone has different fitness goals and Get Fit with Mel B is designed to help you drill down to your specific needs by setting program goals and tuning the entire experience exclusively to you. Whether you’re looking to get toned for the beach, train for sports or simply de-stress, Mel B has a workout plan with exercises specifically picked out for your needs.

• Social Network Integration: Be proud of your hard work! Share your accomplishments alongside Mel B with the program’s optional facebook integration tool and show off your progress to your friends.

• Attention to Overall Wellness: Fitness doesn’t just include working hard and exercising – attention to nutrition is also important! In Get Fit with Mel B, you’ll not only receive daily workouts to help you reach your goals, but you’ll also receive daily meal plans and recipes to make sure you are eating right and have proper nutrition for a strong body.

• Options for all Levels of Experience: Brand new to the world of fitness? No problem – Get Fit with Mel B includes tutorials and demonstrations of each exercise as well as a comprehensive practice mode so you can get comfortable with the moves that Mel B has picked out for you. Experienced in the world of workouts and looking to enhance your routine? Get Fit with Mel B includes options to incorporate your existing workout equipment such as fitballs and resistance bands into the workout for even higher intensity.

• High Value from Cutting Edge Technology: Just because something is new, doesn’t mean it has to break the bank – and Get Fit with Mel B is no exception. Mel B will put you through high intensity workouts and serve as your own personal trainer, all for less than the cost of a gym membership!

For more information, visit

· FEEL THE BURN – Complete your first workout
· DROP AND GIVE ME 1000 – Do 1000 push-ups
· ABS OF STEEL – Do 1000 long-arm crunches
· BRING IT ON – Raise a fitness level by 10
· 99… 100 – Complete 100 reps
· 499… 500 – Complete 500 reps
· 999… 1000 – Complete 1000 reps
· FLASH DANCER – Collect over 350 stars in a Dance Aerobics workout
· GOING UP? – Climb the equivalent of the Empire State Building in Step Aerobics
· PUMPED – Lift the equivalent of an SUV in Pump ‘n’ Tone
· FIT CROWD – Complete a Fitness workout
· DANCE OFF – Complete a Dance workout
· FAT BURNER – Complete a Cardio Workout
· FRONT RUNNER – Complete an Advanced Cardio Workout
· BEST FOOT FORWARD – Complete a Step workout
· WARRIOR – Complete a Combat Workout
· TONED – Complete a Pump ‘n’ tone workout
· FITNESS MONSTER – Complete 20 Fitness workouts
· LAST DANCE – Complete 20 Dance workouts
· SWEAT DREAMS – Complete 20 Cardio workouts
· ATHLETE – Complete 20 Advanced Cardio Workouts
· ESCALATOR – Complete 20 Step workouts
· ULTIMATE WARRIOR – Complete 20 Combat Workouts
· PUMP ‘N’ THRONE – Complete 20 Pump ‘n’ Tone workouts
· NEWCOMER – Reach level 60 in any category
· AMATEUR – Reach level 70 in any category
· SEMI PROFESSIONAL – Reach level 80 in any category
· FLEXIBLE – Reached level 70 in three categories
· 20 RUN – 20 good reps in a row
· PERFECT 10 – 10 perfect reps in a row
· FIRST GOLD – Win a gold medal in a workout
· JUST A SNACK – Burn off a chocolate bar
· ONE LARGE PEPPERONI – Burn off a pizza
· PARTY SEASON – Burn off a Christmas dinner
· WHAT’S FOR LUNCH? – Follow the menu every day for a week
· PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT – Practice five different exercises
· VARIETY – Complete at least one workout of each workout type
· MY WORKOUT – Create a custom fitness workout
· MY AEROBICS – Create a custom aerobics workout
· DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY – Complete an aerobic workout between 12:00am and 2:00am
· EARLY WORM – Complete a fitness workout between 5:00am and 7:00am
· 25 LEVELS UP – Raise a fitness level by 25
· DRIVEN – Exercise every day for two weeks
· PROFESSIONAL – Reach level 90 in any category
· HAT TRICK – Reached level 80 in three categories
· TRIATHLON – Reached level 90 in three categories
· FULL HOUSE – Get a gold badge for all challenges
· 60 MIN BURN – Complete a 60 minute aerobics workout of any type with a score over 90%
· PERFECTIONIST – Reach level 100 in any category
· THE TRIPLE – Reached level 100 in three categories
· MY BODY IS A TEMPLE – Collect all other Trophies on Get Fit with Mel B[tab:END]

  • Congrats premiersoupir!

  • whoa, awesome! thank you very much!!

  • Congrats, let us know what you think when you get it.

  • Jay

    I thought Oly was going to rig the contest so I would win… 😛

  • I rigged the rig. Like Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru.

    Yeah, I’m a trekker. What?

  • Oly

    OMG Premiersoupir.. did u not read the fine print?? Trekkies are disqualified.. Jay u win!

  • Congrads! I think I didn’t enter just so others can win, too.

  • Kicks

    I just received my copy from a link Oly posted a few weeks ago. 🙂
    I’ll let you know what I think of it once I get to playing it (or my wife since it is for her)

  • Oly

    Kicks u won the WomanGamers(thingy) blog giveaway? Nice!!

  • EdEN

    Ah, so Kicks won over at the giveaway from the linked site from almost a month ago? Congrats!

    So, how much is shipping a game to from Oly’s office aaaaall the way to premiersoupir? Hahaha.

  • Kicks

    I won it for my wife, so I’m not allowed to trade it in 😉

  • Oly


    Ah, so Kicks won over at the giveaway from the linked site from almost a month ago? Congrats!

    So, how much is shipping a game to from Oly’s office aaaaall the way to premiersoupir? Hahaha.  


    Lol we only live a hundred miles from each other, but it’s actually coming direct from SouthPeak!

  • Grats!