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Black Ops Bugs Rampant on PS3 Version [UPDATE] |

CVG has reported that there are many complaints being listed on the official Black Ops website with many of them being acknowledged by Treyarch. It seems that the PS3 could have just been an afterthought or Treyarch just doesn’t have the PS3 down.

Before I list the bugs, lets list a couple of the known developmental problems.

-Game runs natively at 540p. 360 version runs natively at 600p.
-Despite a lower resolution, frame rate issues are still occurring extensively. Sometimes dropping into the teens.
-Both PS3 and 360 versions are having issues streaming textures.

Now for the bugs and glitches.

-Party invite system not working, unable to join friends even with public chosen
-Leaderboards not reading correct kills
-Framerate issues are affecting the gameplay
-Theatre mode not working correctly
-Respawns, issue spawning near enemies on smaller maps
-Game freezing PS3 console
-Party option “Leave Party” not working correctly
-Locale Search option not working correctly
-Mic’s not showing in lobby
-Error “Disconnected due to transmission Error” appearing after some games
-Knifing mechanic seems to act like “commando lunge” from MW2.
-Hosting a game can cause enemies to see you about a 1/2 second before you can see them

360 version is only reporting a few of these problems and most of them are the more minor ones. PC version is having a bit of trouble due to how its handled by the CPU/GPU also.

MW2 at times looks much better then this game and both consoles were nearly identical. So what was the problem this time? Infinity Ward > Treyarch? Treyarch moneyhatted by MS? Treyarch just incompetant or lazy? Whats your thought?

Josh Olin the Community Manager tweeted the following:

Hello World. We’re here, working. We will patch all platforms, as always. I’ll have info of substance once we catch our breath. #ItsBeen1Day


    “Hosting a game can cause enemies to see you about a 1/2 second before you can see them”

    This has been an issue with COD since MW1. And not just with people who host, but because it’s P2P. This is the #1 reason why I no longer support this franchise.

  • I love trying to contact the community manager and he just keeps blowing me off. Great response to a community! 🙁

  • Farz

    Simple… in a word LAZY! There is no excuse for dev’s these days giving the PS3 a poor deal. Unless like Activision your in M$ pocket

  • Well, they didn’t even hold a beta, did they?

  • 540p??? What a piss of ****.
    It’s PS3, come on Treyarch!

  • EdEN

    So it’s 540p? Wow, not much of a difference in resolution from 480p now is it? And Sony lied to us about how all games would be 1080p hahaha.

  • EdEN:

    So it’s 540p? Wow, not much of a difference in resolution from 480p now is it? And Sony lied to us about how all games would be 1080p hahaha.  


    Sony never claimed all games would be 1080p. Only that it was a goal. they also have no control over 3rd parties especially multiplatform games. Games upscale to 1080p anyways. They just are not native and yes that is very noticeable.

  • Weak! I was cautiously optimistic about this title. I can forgive some imbalance in the end products for the various consoles (such as, as has been discussed on this blog, better shadows in Red Dead Redemption, waving grass in Mafia 2, etc.), but this list of bugs is incredible. And the resolution sounds unacceptable. And 540p? C’mon.

  • Jonaskin

    I haven’t even touched Multuplayer yet but I thought the campaign in Black Ops was phenomenal. Best single player of any COD yet imo, especially in regards to story. And certainly don’t have any complaints about the graphics or framerate. Zombies is great again and the little easter eggs (Dead Ops Arcade and Zork) are brilliant.

  • I didnt notice it at first, but as I played on, I did notice the frame rate dropping. Somewhat disappointing for a game that was supposed to be so much better than the others.

  • I honestly saw something coming for the PS3 version, ever since Microsoft has been putting money in activitions pocket all cod games for ps3 blow. Not that I care but i care for my fellow ps3 owners. They made it so that 360 runs better of corse teh glitchs and bugs are not on purpose but still its a shame that they didnt even fully test the game before releasing it. I say there should be a beta for ps3 360 and pc for the multiplayer have it tested out. And i mean come on the server issuse They should have learned from mw2 that need alot those that were extra shut them down later its alil bit of work but itll save ur a** in th long run. And well Treyarh isnt the best comany to work on cod games, pass it to some1 else please that game looks like [email protected] and it looked like a xbox and well if it were on ps2 it have better graphics lol more like ps1.

  • Seems like they are on them bugs Eddie. You must have brought it to their attention 😀

  • Playing the story mode last night i was like wtf, why does it look so damn blurry. It was like i was playn GTA4. I thought my tv was broke till i stopped playn Cod. Havent played any of the MP but zombie mode was kinda fun. Overall Iam very disapointed with this game.

  • Legion213

    Did he really add “#ItsBeen1Day”? How about stop being lazy developers and actually hold a beta or hire a decent QA team to find these bugs prior to release. Rather then having people buy your busted ass game. It’s like game companies and publishers are starting not to care about quality control anymore, when it comes to AAA titles. Because they know people are going to buy it no matter what.

  • Ace

    …why couldn’t sony put money in activison’s pocket…

  • Customer Service is never #1 anymore. It’s buy our product, who cares if it’s got issues, stop crying about it.

  • Jay

    you can thank the ability to patch games as the reason why console titles seem to release with so many bugs. It’s that “we’ll fix it later” attitude, because the ability to patch games gives them the ability to hold off on fixing something until after it releases, rather than delaying the game to fix the issues before release like the old days.

  • derrickgott007

    I don’t get the stuttering frame rate problem.. I am playing on the newest slim ps3 and my friend plays on the fat launch 60gb and his stutters left and right.. Hmmm..

  • I have a fat launch 60GB and don’t have many stuttering problems. It happens now and then, but the game is completely playable. Wish it had a higher resolution though.

  • derrickgott007

    I don’t really notice the resolution problems.. It looks alot like MW2 in terms of graphics to me. But then again my tv (42″ Toshiba Regza) has a dedicated Game Mode on it so that may be helping me with the graphics.

    If you want to talk about resolution problems, try the Killzone 3 Beta.

  • I’ve only played a few minutes of the single player so far but I’ve noticed graphics issues and some frame rate slow downs.

    I’ll jump into it more tonight hopefully as long as I dont’ have anymore interruptions lol.

  • oh…and why does the single player start out like a Saw movie?…….

  • Hi have a 40gb fat PS3. So far i’ve only experience the mic symbols not appearing, the joining a friends game problem and slight lab on occasions. Other than that its fine.

    Am i the only one who thinks MW2 had more problems at launch than BO?

    Also, dont be so quick to write treyarch off. If that can patch these problems quickly enough, all will be fine.

  • Come on guys, aren’t we clutching at straws? MW2 had just as many problems at launch, There matchmaking system was horrendous.

    Hopefully Treyarch will have patches for most of these problems soon. Although i’ve only experiend the mic symbol problem and slight lag.

  • I’m not surprised. I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was at the request of Microsoft, if I’m honest.

    They pay a lot of money to get DLC first, and they’re constantly crowing about how the 360 will provide ‘the best experience’ of the game. Since the game is by a 3rd-party developer, how could they possibly know that, unless they *know* that the PS3 version is somehow gimped? And we know that MS don’t like a level playing field. It’s just too much of a coincidence.

    Other than that, it doesn’t bother me, since I don’t have the game, and have no intention of buying it. Regardless of any ties with MS, I refuse to buy any Activision games anyway. Don’t like their utter disrespect to gamers under Kotick. It’s not difficult – they don’t have anything of interest to me outside of the CoD franchise anyway.

  • Most of the problems listed above are comparisons from Black Ops to MW2. The texture issues, the frame rate drops, the resolution were all better on MW2. These are developmental faults and not just bugs that can be post patched. Not to mention that the online issues that MW2 had on the PS3 were not seen on the 360, Wii or PC where as there are problems on all versions on Black Ops right now.

    I see a lot of people saying “I don’t have any of those problems” when in fact EVERYONE has these problems. Its not a console to console issue. Just be glad you can’t see the problems because once you learn to see can’t unsee them and yes it will ruin some fun for you. Ignorance is bliss I suppose.

  • sparda626

    I can’t beat the game. I found out rekov was a figment of mason’s imagination and when I get free of the torture chair it freezes my PS3 EVERY TIME!!!!!

  • Justin

    has anyone had issues with combat training? i would host the match and then everything would be great. me and a couple friends would tear some bots up ( superstars right? lol) and then after the match it would kick me off as host and assign hosting duties to my buddy. mind you this all happened absent of our will to do so. also during the combat training we would set up the match to be 3v9 (3 human v 9 AI players) and when my buddies connected to the match it would take away 2 or 3 of the AI players on the opposing team resulting in a 3v7 or even 3v6 match. not a huge deal but we like to mess around and it can be aggravating. it didnt do this for the first couple of days. i would play numerous matched without problems. i did manage to fix the hosting issue by deleting my saved game data but it still likes to kick some of the AI players. also, i recieved some of those same issues listed at the beginning of the forum however it only happened a couple times so its just working itself out i guess.

  • Justin

    also, if u want the two other zombie maps go to the computer at the main menu and enter “3ARC UNLOCK” it unlocks the zombie maps without beatin the game. “DOA” will unlock the third map if the first code doesnt open both. enjoy.

  • I will not buy a game from Treyarch. After the forced update on my PS3 black ops approx friday 19 Nov. The system is more buggy than ever! I can have at least one PS3 hang up a day, many disconnects. Even some graphic problems. Treyarch just sucks compared to IW! I love how they say its because of how complex a game is! Well my MW and MW2 dont have any bugs in comparison!

  • paul

    this is a common problem it has been well documented on many multiformat games the playstation gets the bum deal, l have never had a game that is as bad as BO for the ps3, my console freezes, cant get on games with friends, everyother online game u get booted, the slow down is shocking, the graphics are bareley better than the wii, thease are things that tryarch have just not spoted, its just treyarch is not intrested with the ps3 neither activision, u try emailing them they simply will not respond to you, many developers cant be arsed with ps3 development and sony are not that bothered either, think my next console wont be playstation,,,,,, what a shame

  • Jonny Graham

    Incompetent is such a strong word. But yeah something like that. I’m surprised that given the reputation of this game they haven’t been more considerate to all their customers no matter what platform.

  • Jason Garbutt

    Should have known after thelast Treyach installment that it wouldntlive upto the previous IW games.

    Didnt notice a lot of the bugs until reading the posts on here – then they become so glaringly obvious it looks like some bunch of (albet slightly talented) 9 year olds coded the game.

    No point taking cover as enemy bullets seem to go round corners… Spawning is atrocious and as for the online gaming experience…. its utter rubbish.

  • codfreak

    1st couple a months no problems, when they started updating shit started 2 the point i cant get in any game & if i do it crashes straight away. 10 prestige for 1.5 month now cause i can’t freaking connect…. tried cod 4, cod 5 and mw2 online everything works but black ops -_-, killzone 3 here i come !!