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Need for Speed – Hot Pursuit Demo hits 2 Million downloads |

Electronic arts announced that in the first two weeks that the demo was released, it was downloaded over 2 million times, breaking the previous record for any NFS game. To make things even more interesting, this represented 700, 000 Speed Wall posts, 5 million Autolog recommendations, 54 million miles raced and over 20 million cop busts!

Have any of you tried the demo ? How do you like it ? I’m buying my copy next week for sure.  Originally played the hot pursuit franchise on PC using my keyboard to drive and it was fantastic. Now that we can actually be the cops and set traps is a nice bonus. Also really interested with how the multiplayer will play out.

If you haven’t tried it, you’ll have to wait until the game is released, as the servers were brought down (most likely to reset the servers and be sure they are ready for launch).

  • Dang I downloaded the demo but never got around to try it. Will the demo server come back up around launch? Or are they down for good now?

  • FrenchK

    Just did a bit of research and found this :
    [quote]demo will disappear on 9th November. Why? Because of online features that presumably clash with what the live servers will offer when Hot Pursuit launches on 19th November. [/quote]

    So i guess your out of luck 🙁

  • Bah 🙁 Ah well, Killzone 3 Beta was just to addicting to play anything else, lol.

  • The demo was a lot of fun, even though I only tried the cops and racers once. I think this one will be very successful.

  • The demo was fun I love how they incorperated teh drifting into normal races. But I was disaopointed to see that the mechanics are all redone, meaning its nothing like the hot pursuit 2 from ps2. Its all revamped. I like the number of cop cars to select from. Another downer is that there are no Ferraris, and also when you crash a racer or anything the cutscene type thing is knida very badly done when it comes to physics and graphics. I mean the car flips into teh side onto a baracade the car will like gitter it you know what i mean itll freeze continue freeze. So i mean it needs to be polished. Other wise it looks good. Hopfully GameBattles has somehting for this game.

  • derrickgott007

    I favorite part about this game is the battling back and forth for best times against your friends via the Autolog. That alone kept me playing. Going to have to get this for sure.

  • I have been psyched for this game since it was first announced. They had me at “Criterion.” 🙂 Burnout: Paradise was my first Platinum trophy, loved NFS:HP2 on and Most Wanted on the PS2.

    As for the demo, I loved it. I was mainly focused on the Cops side of the game but the racer half was much more fun than I had been prepared for. Gorgeous vistas and tracks, great short cuts! I’ll be online with it on night one so feel free to friend me to add me to your Autolog! Add PS3 Blog in the invite. I’ll be up for some multiplayer action!

  • BTW, cut around to get the Demo to work (and not mess with your Autolog is you were on before): make a new user on your PS3, set the clock back a week, and make sure you don’t go online. Sure, you lose Roadsters Reborn but Darkhorse is back up and running! At least until you buy the full game… 🙂