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NHL GameCenter On the PS3 |

Man the PS3 is just getting better and better, several months ago we received MLB on the PS3. As of today, we are getting the NHL, heck even Canada is getting it. How awesome is that Canada?

Currently the PS3 is the only console that can stream live Hockey games, and if you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber you get the application for FREE. Those of you that are not subscribers of PlayStation Plus, can still get the app but it will cost you $9.99.

In addition to offering live hockey games, NHL GameCenter LIVE also allows subscribers to watch full-length and condensed replays of the current season games they missed (48 hours after they air, no blackouts) and relive NHL history with unlimited access to over 500 classic games from NHL Vault.

To get started you will need to visit to get an account and ultimately link it to your PS3 using a registration code obtained through the app on your device. The subscription is going to cost you $169 (U.S.) annually. Even if you’re not interested in paying $169, grab the app anyways as it will give you access to a wide range of NHL content through the NHL GameCenter application. Fans will have access to features such as post-game highlights, team schedules, standings, player stats and profiles, and the full NHL scoreboard.

  • Pretty cool app if your interested in the NHL.

  • Hell yeah, and even if you don’t want to pay $169 you still get a some use out of the app.

  • Tk42one

    …And don’t mind half of the games being blacked out.

    Got the subscription, saw how many games were blacked out, called customer service to say “what the he’ll?”, cancelled subscription.

  • lags so slow. i have a fast n series router near my ps3 with high speed internet connection. it still lags like crazy. not sure if its game centers fault or the ps3. either way its not worth it