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Activision: Stop Being Console-ist |

Hello Activison,
Look at Black Ops on the PS3,
Now look at it on the 360,
Now back at your PS3,
Now back at the 360.
Sadly, the PS3 version doesn’t look or play like the 360 version.
But if you started giving the PS3 version the same priority as the 360 version, they would be the same.
Now look down.
Back up.
Where are you?
You are in the game Uncharted 2, looking at a game your game could look like.
Now what’s in your hand?
Back at me. I have it.
It’s the controller in the hands of an irate gamer upset at the console-ism Activision is subjecting us to.
Look again.
The game is now awesome.
Anything is possible when the game is given the attention it deserves.
I’m on a soapbox.

  • HAHAHAHA, that’s awesome!

  • lol.. nice one!

  • EdEN

    I’m picking up the Wii version of Black Ops because for me Wiimote+Nunchuck feels better than dual analog.

  • Credit goes to Tosh for the picture.

  • Lulz

  • this is hillarious!

  • derrickgott007

    Serious Lulz on that.. Great post!

    Here’s my take on the 360 getting more attention than the PS3. It should be illegal. It is encroaching on class action lawsuit territory. Say a car dealership in New York paid Ford money to favor them more than the other dealerships. Ford makes a Focus for the New York dealer that receives 5 star crash ratings, and substandard Focus for the rest of the dealerships elsewhere.

    Well the New York Focus gets 30mpg and never breaks down. The other dealers Focus’s (foucuses, focui?) get 12mpg and and explode if you bump a curb at 10mph. The public would be outraged and take action. That’s what we the public need to do….TAKE ACTION!!!
    Send mass amounts of tweets and emails and voice your concerns. When we rise as one, we cannot be ignored!!

    This is a call to arms PS3BLOG.NET ARMY!!!

  • Jonaskin

    Hahaha awesome post.

    I am however sick of people moaning about Black Ops on PS3. It’s fantastic. I haven’t seen ANY of the problems that have been reported.

  • Good Job. Now I have to say I love this! Now The thing i was going to say was that Activision will not care. As long as they get the money in their pocket and are having that money come to their pockets then, they won’t care. Because Josh Olin JD_2020Has been saying on his twitter of how good the game is running and no need for a patch on ps3, yea ok Now I remember the guy from Iw saying o we will have this patch out soon hang in ther. From the start. idk i forgot what i was getting at ahaha fail

  • Activision’s response to PS3 owners, “Go buy a 360”.

  • hobbes

    @Sakinah, or go buy Medal of Honor. I’ve loved MoH thus far. Haven’t gotten into multiplayer/online play yet, seems like a crime how they’ve gimped the ps3 version. Not surprised though. Maybe wait till this game is at or below 40$

  • I will just go ahead and not buy this. I’m waiting for my Killzone 3. But I’m more of a Battlefield guy anyway.

  • bob

    derrickgott007: Serious Lulz on that..Great post!The other dealers Focus’s (foucuses, focui?)

    … its Focus with a single apostrophe ie. Focus’

  • mantas

    hate to sound like a fanboy but activision and microsoft are made for one another, and they both should drown in a cesspool of their own wealth. windows is the only thing microsoft really has and activision only has blizzard; without either one those companies are worthless, imho.

  • Makidian

    We’ll see how Activision feels when they start charging for Call of Duty online and more players jump to the PS3 version because it’s free to play online and most people aren’t going to want to pay twice.

  • Redlogic

    Easy solution, put Battlefield Bad Company 2 back into the deck and fire that baby up! It owns COD all day. Can’t wait for Vietnam expansion. If EA didn’t f up those map packs so badly but not actually releasing new maps the game would be as strong as it was when it first came out. Regardless, IMO it’s better without the $15 map packs.

  • Bandcoot

    That was a total LOL! My god, probably the best article I’ve ever read in a longggg time.

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for boosting support for PS3!

  • Jason

    Activision and Microsoft slob over each other nobs daily its no wonder.

  • There’s nothing quite like using Isaiah Mustafa to deliver a solid message to Activision. I’m a 360 gamer myself but I feel for the PS3 community on this one!

  • John

    The only reason why some people think it looks and plays better on the xbox is cuz they developed on the xbox then ported to the PS3. The devs are either too lazy or too stupid to develop on the PS3 then port to the xbox. If they did do that the game would look and play soo much better on BOTH consoles. But they need not bother cuz everyone is gonna buy the game regardless.

  • Lmaoooooo, rate up, exalt, hilarious lol

  • emnize

    bob: … its Focus with a single apostrophe ie. Focus’  ^

    actually its foci, or focuses. putting an apostrophe on the end of it would suggest that the car is in possesion of it, when (i believe) he intended to suggest that the foci, which the non-new york dealer possessed, would contain those flaws. “The other dealers’ Foci get 12mpg and and explode if you bump a curb at 10mph”. see?

  • Brian

    This is a huge third party developer problem. They’re too lazy. We should demand they start making real PS3 games. If Sony can make games like Uncharted 2, God of War 3 and GT5 why can’t third party developers at least make games close to them? The truth is they don’t want to be bothered. Make good 360 games and just port it to the PS3. Microsoft now is more interested in Kinect. It looks like they won’t release a new console for a while. It’s time for serious third party developers to start pushing the PS3 and show the PS3 is the better console.

  • ElmerFudd

    I don’t know why they develop on an older engine. If you run a game on an older engine its not going to look better on a bigger, faster engine. The reality is if they really wanted a big fast running game it wouldnt be able to play on the Xbox.

  • Joe

    Look at your article
    Now look at the black ops game case
    Back at your article
    Back at the game case

    Sadly, you’re still an idiot. Activision DID NOT DEVELOP CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS. They published it, moron. Treyarch developed it. Yell at them dipshit.

  • ApatheticDev

    I’d advise learning a little bit more about console game development before accusations of “console-ism” start flying. The 360 isn’t as fiddly to work with as the PS3, it’s that simple. It naturally becomes the lead platform for most multi-platform titles, not out of some elitist snobbery, or back-handed conspiracy theory dealings, but out of downright practicality.

  • Andrew Alagaratnam

    wow that was real nice but this should be published towards treyarch and not activison… Nevertheless nice article, I for one can’t comment on the facts itself as I have yet to receive my copy of the game.

  • Nathan

    … its Focus with a single apostrophe ie. Focus’  

    This advice coming from someone using the possessive “its” instead of “it’s”? I’ll find my apostrophe answers elsewhere.

  • Jay

    Plural of Focus (as a noun) is both Focuses and Foci. Look it up in the dictionary. As someone mentioned earlier, using an apostrophe with a noun suggests possession.

    Damn Grammar Nazis.

  • Justin

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ok now that i got that out. (how’s my grammer”| is ps3 better? yes. does xbox get more attention? yes. when a company has as much money as microsoft and the “amazing” reputation in the electronic world of course they are going to get the attention and all that. however, i dont believe that Black Ops is that bad for the ps3. the graphics all seem in order to me and the only errors i seem to get are ones related to the network. unfortunately when you call activision (they support the network) they give you the runaround and some bs ideas on how to fix your problems. however there is one important thing to think about. ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM!!!! its a poor excuse for a multiplayer network. im sure they will make some half-assed attempt to fix it but we will have to deal with what we got until they do. its a new game and they are gonna hafta do the re-work to make it right because while most of us were suckered into the game on opening day, word of mouth travels fast and the sales will indeed drop off once legitimate reviews are out there. thank you please come again.

  • Ozzy

    if you look at it though the ps3 isn’t doing to bad in terms of third party company support. We got EA, ubisoft, thq and disney in our back pockets (through exclusive downloadable content and better visuals). not to forget konami do release proper mgs games (i.e not mg rising) exclusively for playstation and rockstar are releasing agent exclusively for ps3. Lets face it peeps tony hawks isn’t as good as it once was, their movie based games don’t live up to toy story 3 so really the only good games they got are guitar hero (which isn’t consolist) and call of duty, which lets face it is just one game, so get over it peeps!!!!!!!!

  • Clint

    joe, andrew, and anyone else who has this fact confused. Treyarch cant create a new IP without Activision’s say so. they’re under contract for however many more COD games they plan on making (probably until the end of the world) which essentially makes Treyarch Activision’s bitch. PUBLISHERS OWN DEVELOPERS DIPSHIT.

  • DeafAtheist

    I’m not the least bit surprised here. Activision gets a cut of Xbox Live subscription fees and Sony doesn’t charge for multiplayer so naturally the 360 version is going to get more attention.

  • Blacks Ops is not my kind of game. BF Bad Company 2 rules… It is understandable that Ps 3 exclusives look far better than the games of multiple platforms. PS3 is a difficult platform for programmers and they just do not want to spend so much time trying to make the best to convert their games into ps3. However, ps3 exclusives -as the name suggests it- are “exclusive” and all the effort goes to a single console. I hope that PS4 will offer a better platform for programmers that offers an easy-to-program ground with a powerful hardware. But after all, I’m for PS3 and only PS3…