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BF: BC2 Vietnam Trophies |

Ready to be a hero? You’ll need to be if you want these bad boys!

These look pretty cool if you ask me, I don’t smoke but it would actually be pretty cool to get one of these lighters.

  • I think it’d be nicer if Dice associated nothing with smoking in a game that is considered to be played by adults but actually played by many kids. Anyway, I’m looking forward to listening to some music in the choppers in the Vietnam extension pack. It’s gonna be great.

  • Honestly lighters can be used with a lot of things. These games are not for kids though, shooting and killing isn’t really for kids is it? Bad enough that adults play these games, (myself) included. But you can’t see oh lighters should be used for trophies but it’s okay to go and shoot a guy in the face point blank with a shotgun.

  • Yes, games of shooting and killing should NEVER be played by kids. However, as a fan of Battlefield series I encounter too many kids and I really feel sorry for them. An adult -at least in theory- is “more capable” of separating fiction from reality (I said “more” because not all adults are capable of doing that). As for the lighters, any icon that may encourage smoking should be avoided as far as possible even when adults are in question. That’s my point of view. As for the violence going on in these games, a game is a game and the violence it offers may at best serve as a device that may prevent players from hurting real people in the real life by channeling their violent intentions and innate, primitive instincts. However, at worst, its consequences may -sometimes- be devastating (I believe the latter is less frequent than the former). In short, bad examples should be avoided as much as possible since the outcomes may be various for different people. This is not about freedom, it’s about precaution.

  • Raised some good points there, I agree with you on the “An adult -at least in theory- is “more capable” of separating fiction from reality”.

    I don’t think you points are bad at all but a lot of people out there will argue it as censorship and what have you. But honestly, would people not smoking be such a bad thing?