Killzone 3 Beta Game Day | November 13

It will begin at 11:00 am Mountain Time. I’ll plan on playing for at least 2 hours. So join me if you can. My PSN is xBerserker, but say your from and put KZ3 in the message as well. To keep up on the latest game nights you can add this to your rss reader or just keep an eye on this page:

You can also access it under the menu under Archives > Latest Games Night Post. Jay will start organizing race nights/days about a week or so after the release of Gran Turismo 5. You can set up your own game nights in the official Game Night group. But make sure you set the email status for the group to either Daily Digest or All Email. So you can get updates on the latest news.

For members you can earn points for joining us on game nights. You can get 50 points just for playing plus awards for how you play.

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  1. #1 by lordincubus on November 13th, 2010 [ 185 Points ]

    Looks like it has changed to Black Ops 🙂

  2. #2 by Tosh on November 13th, 2010 [ 1127 Points ]

    I know people want a black ops game night. But I won’t be picking the game up so somebody else will have to arrange it.

  3. #3 by Luke on November 13th, 2010 [ 27382 Points ]

    I know that Oly did one last night.

  4. #4 by xDeFcoN_2FasT4Ux on November 13th, 2010 [ 2160 Points ]

    Luke: I know that Oly did one last night.  ^

    Yo i sent a msg to OLy last night, he was on Black ops the entire time yo. No game night… ):

  5. #5 by Spirit2 on November 13th, 2010 [ 145 Points ]

    Man i Love!!!!!!! KZ3 i have been playin it all night!!!

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